XG will release its 3rd single, SHOOTING STAR, on January 25

XG will release its 3rd single, SHOOTING STAR, on January 25

XG just revealed a video clip yesterday (on January 20) for their much-awaited third song, “SHOOTING STAR,” which will be made available on January 25.

The theme of the teaser film is a phone app, and XG stands out artistically with its blue hairstyles, recognizable sound, and bass. The song’s lyrics are displayed alongside this. The new track’s components were also made public. XG’s stylish vices tease the new wave of music videos even with just 19 seconds of video.

The music video for “SHOOTING STAR” was uploaded on YouTube alongside the teaser on XG’s channel, where the digital and CD album covers were also unveiled.

This increase in XG activity persisted with introducing their initial Season’s Greetings items.

At midnight local time on January 25 (Wednesday), the third single, “SHOOTING STAR,” will start streaming. The song video will be accessible the same day at 6 PM JST/KST.
Watch XG’s official YouTube Channel and other social media channels for further updates, as there is only one week until the release.

Watch the music video teaser of the song SHOOTING STAR by XG

Some Details about the XG group

XG group members
Source: Twitter

A Japanese girl group called XG, or Xtraordinary Girls (/ks-di/), is located in South Korea. Seven girls make up the group founded by the Avex label Xgalx. They include Harvey, Hinata, Jurin, Chisa, and Cocona. On March 18, 2022, they made their public debut by releasing the digital song “Tippy Toes.”

With their innovative, cutting-edge music and performance, XG seeks to inspire and uplift young people from all walks of life worldwide.


Source: Twitter

A small movie titled Xgalx – The Beginning was released on January 25, 2022, and it functioned as the formal launch of XG’s social media channels.

Several girls could be seen in the film depicting the Xgalx Project’s training. The next was a dance performance video created by Sienna Lalau and directed by Choi Hyo-jin for the Korean street dance TV show Street Woman Fighter.

After releasing their only English-language digital song, “Tippy Toes,” XG made its debut on March 18, 2022. They released “Mascara,” their second song entirely in English, on June 29. The music was then performed live on television for the first time on South Korean Mnet’s M Countdown.

On January 5, 2023, the Japanese girls’ group revealed that their third single, “Shooting Star,” would be out on January 25, 2023.

Songs lists of SHOOTING STAR


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