Why are Irina and Micah referred to as "mean girls" by Love Is Blind fans?

Why are Irina and Micah referred to as “mean girls” by Love Is Blind fans?

In season four of Love Is Blind, which debuted on Netflix on March 24, 2023, Micah Lussier and Irina were two of the 30 competitors.

The show followed 15 men and 15 women from Washington’s  Seattle as they went on fast dates in “Pods,” where they could converse but couldn’t see each other.

In the series, 30 single people from Seattle gathered in audio-connected pods to form bonds. After the 10-day experience, the engaged couples got permitted to live together for 28 days before deciding whether to get married or call the engagement off.

In the girls’ common area, Micah Lussier and Irina Solomonova hit it off right away and got frequently observed making fun of other girls’ relationships. They also caused much confusion in the male-only pods, which affected the men’s judgment.

Since she knew that Kwame was beginning to feel something for Chelsea, Micah prodded him to reveal his affection for her early in the show.

She retreated from Kwame, though, to pursue a new romance with Paul. Micah provoked Paul into making a marriage proposal, which he obliged to. After that, Paul had to split up with Amber, which caused her to become quite unhappy; Micah was pleased to see her showing her emotions.

Micah Marie Lussier and Paul Hal Peden got engaged at The Pods during the fourth season of Love Is Blind. Micah replied to claims of a love triangle involving her, Paul, and Kwame, another Love Is Blind season 4 candidate, whom she had rejected in The Pods before engaging with Paul in a March 2023 interview with People.

She urged Irina to observe the women while they comforted Amber, but when she got discovered, she fled laughing. Irina made Zack believe that Bliss was bothering her while baking cupcakes in the common area when it was the other way around. That led him to prefer Irina to Bliss in the marriage proposal.

Irina and Micah, Love Is Blind season 4 contestants
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Irina, Micah’s best friend in The Pods, addressed edits of a love triangle involving her, Micah, and Paul in an interview with Today in March 2023. The drama started when Irina broke up with Zach, another Love Is Blind season 4 contestant with whom she got engaged in The Pods, and admitted to Micah that she had feelings for Paul after seeing him in person.

Jackelina got shushed by Irina and Micah as she sobbed over two suitors while seated on the same couch.

Micah and Irina’s actions stunned Love Is Blind viewers, who dubbed them the season’s “mean girls” and expressed their dismay.

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