who is timothee chalamet dating

Who is Timothee Chalamet dating: All you need to know.

Because of his incredible bone structure and natural charisma, Timothée Chalamet has more Twitter stan accounts than we have daily snacks (and trust us when we say that’s a lot).

This may help explain why there is so much curiosity in his dating history, namely, who he has been linked to over the years and who he may be dating. Here is everything you need to know, beginning with his 18-month relationship with Lily-Rose Depp and ending with the kiss he shared with Eiza González.

The actor was asked about his first date in an interview in 2018 with W Magazine, and he responded unexpectedly to the subject. In his statement, “I’m not sure. “date” is intimidating since it provides background information. People on an early date tend to behave conspicuously.” There was a connection in the past between Timmy and…

Taylor Russell and Timothée Chalamet: dating or just friends?

Following the posting of a cute selfie of the two of them together on Instagram by Timothée, many have begun to speculate that the actor is romantically involved with his Bones And All co-star Taylor Russell.
Timmy and Taylor play a couple of juvenile cannibals fighting to survive on the outskirts of society in the new film Bones And All, directed by Luca Guadagnino, who also directed Call Me By Your Name. Luca Guadagnino directs Bones And All. Clearly, this is hardly the most favorable subject matter.

Even though their most recent Instagram post has fuelled relationship rumors, officials have stated unequivocally that the photo is simply of the two actors while they were filming a scene for the film in costume.

Timmy and Taylor appear to be good friends and co-stars because none of them has commented. In any event, both of these people make a great team, and the shot turned out really cute.

Lourdes Leon – 2013

At 17, Timothée Chalamet was rumored to have an affair with Lourdes Leon, Madonna’s daughter, whom he purportedly met. At the same time, he was a student at LaGuardia High School in New York City. During an interview in 2017, Timothée was coy when asked about his relationship with Lourdes, although he did mention that the two of them had talked about his role in the film Call Me by Your Name.
“She has not yet had the opportunity to view it, but she is looking forward to doing so.”
Andy Cohen was the recipient of this revelation.

“She makes fun of me whenever I have to appear in public… She is quite enthusiastic about the movie itself, and the reactions it elicited from audiences have been favorable. It’s the same as the stuff around my public appearances, and it’s also the same as some of the late-night things I’ve done. “I get made fun of.”

In the same interview in April 2021, Lourdes disclosed publicly for the first time that they were dating each other. Although she could not provide a great deal of information, she did say the following to Vanity Fair: “Because of our insignificance, I have a great deal of respect for him. My very first romantic partner.”

Lily Rose Depp, October 2018 – April 2020

After completing their work together on the Netflix show The King in October 2018, Lily Rose Depp and Timmy began dating. They were observed kissing one another in New York at approximately the same time, and a source told Us Weekly that “they were quite fun and friendly with one another.”

After a year, in September of 2019, they were filmed during the film’s premiere at the Venice Film Festival and on a boat in Capri, enjoying that steamy kiss.

In the edition of British Vogue published in May 2020, Timothée was featured, and his relationship status was labeled as “single,” which confirmed that the pair had divorced. Us Weekly also confirmed the breakup on the same day, although it is unknown what caused them to no longer be together.

In November 2020, Chalamet spoke out about the kissing photos to GQ, and what he had to say about the incident was actually quite depressing. “When I went to bed that night, I thought it had been one of the most incredible days of my life.

“I was on this boat all day with someone I actually liked, and when the day was through, I shut my eyes and thought, without a doubt, ‘That was incredible.'” And then to wake up to all these images, feeling ashamed and like a total and utter jerk? “Are you all pale?”

January 2020 – Saoirse Ronan (Greta Gerwig wishes)

Greta Gerwig has now admitted that she sought to set up Saorise and Timothée by casting them in two movies together, namely Lady Bird in 2017 and Little Women in 2019, and she cast them in both of these movies together.

In January 2021, she participated in Vogue’s 73 questions, and she was asked if she was attempting to encourage the couple to date in secret. Her response was, “Yes.” “Who among us wouldn’t want to date them? They are incredibly alluring, “while flashing a devilish grin for the camera.
In the summer of 2019, Gerwig shared with People that the couple had become parents. “When they are together, it’s like a bonfire breaks out between them because they have such an intense energy,” he adds. They are both so dynamic, and they are both so brilliant, as well as so intelligent, and they are both so young. When you combine them, it’s similar to a combustion process.”

Eiza González, June 2020

Photographs obtained by MailOnline show Timothée, 24, going in for a kiss with Eiza, 30, before stroking her hair in front of a group of friends in the summer of 2020. Timothée’s friend, Eiza, took the images. After that, the actor stripped down to his underwear and went swimming with Eiza, who was wearing a beige bikini.

Despite our best efforts, this was not to be; by October 2020, there were reports that the couple had broken up. According to a source, Eiza “seemed single,” and she made no mention of Timothée in any of the interviews she gave.

Lily Rose Depp, March 2021

But wait a minute! Here we go again, Lily and Timmy! After their recent sightings in New York, just a few streets apart, rumors spread that they have reunited as a couple. Fans have posted on Twitter that they saw them together, and the proprietor of a boutique has disclosed on Instagram that an actor purchased a dress from her establishment for Lily. Is the couple living together once again?

Sarah Talabi, April 2022

This was just posted on the Instagram rumor page @Deuxmoi, and it has just arrived! They received information that Timothée had been dancing with and kissing Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi at the Coachella festival. An onlooker had sent in a photo of the two of them together and the unverified claim that “Timothée Chalamet was dancing with and kissing Victoria’s Secret model Sarah Talabi at Coachella.”

Sarah also shared a photo and caption on her Instagram Story, writing, “Had the sweetest time with the best group of people,” and tagged her twin sister Leah, Timothée Chalamet, and another friend.

Since then, the model, 22 years old, has revealed that she spent time with Timothée over the weekend; however, she has been tight-lipped about whether or not the two are dating.

This past weekend, Sarah shared with Page Six that she attended several private events besides Coachella and the Revolve Festival. “The photographs also show my twin sister, Leah Talabi, who was there at the time. Everyone was simply hanging out and getting their groove on to the music. It was the most incredible evening of my entire life.

“Everyone is asking if I kissed Timothée Chalamet at Coachella, which is a reasonable question, and I feel it’s appropriate for them to inquire. A better inquiry would be to ask our world leaders why the Earth is currently losing about 1.2 trillion tonnes of ice per year due to global warming and why reform regarding the climate catastrophe has been an utter failure.

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