Who is Taye Diggs dating right now? He Met His New Girlfriend.

Taye Diggs should know about dating as the host of Hulu’s new dating program Back In the Groove, which follows three women in their 40s who check into a Dominican Republic hotel and find love with younger guys. His relationship demonstrates he’s qualified. In 2022, the All-American star met Love & Hip Hop actress Apryl Jones.

After joining TikTok in December 2021 at the behest of his 12-year-old son Walker, the 50-year-old actor met the 35-year-old reality star. His videos became viral. She appeared on his TikTok profile, sparking dating suspicions. Diggs told Distractify in March 2022, “I literally saw one of her Instagrams or TikToks, and I just texted, or whatever it’s called, and said that she was hilarious,” without mentioning their relationship. “She got me a million followers. I enjoy that it happens naturally.”

Diggs and Jones attended Vanity Fair’s Oscar party in March, confirming their romance. They now encourage each other on red carpets and show PDA.

The pair rarely posts on social media, even though they met online. In August, the actor declared his love for Jones in an Instagram video, panning to show her smiling and laughing. “This woman loves me,” he said. “That’s how I know, praise you, lord Jesus or buddha or universe, ’cause somehow she’s next to me.”

Diggs married Broadway actress Idina Menzel for over a decade before dating Jones. After seven years of dating, they married in 2003 and had Walker in September 2009. They divorced in 2014. Diggs dated Selling Sunset star Amanza Smith after his divorce, she said in October 2020. “I dated Taye for five years,” she told the Not Skinny But Not Fat podcast. “He protected us.”

Who is Taye Diggs dating

“It’ll surprise you.” Everyone has heard this dreaded and cliché dating advice from friends and family. It suggests that the perfect relationship will find us but also takes away dating autonomy. After many failed talking stages, I went to TikTok dating tips for two years to change my fate.

We now have so much dating advice beyond that overused term. People are using TikTok to enhance their love life, as the hashtags #datingadvice and #relationshipadvice have 13.2 billion and 12.7 billion views, respectively. Some TikTok fans will do anything for love, even manicures and never texting twice. After being unlucky in love, I sought long-term commitment and was willing to follow these guidelines. Ulta rewards points show it.

Avgitidis says many creators are not qualified dating specialists. She adds certifying bodies and professionals like herself have licenses, mentors, workers, and more. Avgitidis, for instance, is a Matchmakers Alliance founding member and Global Love Institute (GLI)-certified science-based coach. Some TikTokers are certified professionals, but not all who give viral advice are.

I never checked the credentials of my advisers. My algorithm included dating videos, which I watched since the names were intriguing. There are valid licenses and certifications, but my family, friends, and even some TikTok users gave me solid advice. Dating sometimes requires both academic and personal experience.

Who is Taye Diggs dating

TikTok made me feel less alone in desiring a committed relationship. It was nice to think that these creators (valid qualifications or not) had been where I was and seemed to know how to end my single season in a few simple steps—even if that meant reading compulsory TikTok literature like Why Men Marry B*tches. I’m a lover girl, so the book’s seeming apathy made me feel defeated. Some films made me think I couldn’t date again until I modified some essential traits, like being open-hearted. However, learning to prioritize what I want from a partner was important and eye-opening.

The video instructed me and others to make a detailed list of my ideal companion. It also advised me to define my femininity to attract that individual and tap into my feminine energy. As someone ready to end her single season, following a specific set of suggestions looked more promising than waiting for my meet-cute. I drew the person I wanted on paper with nothing to lose.

I folded it and hid it in my drawer, forgetting about it. Weeks later, I met my first boyfriend—the TikTok manifestation gods had worked. Two months later, we split. Although heartbroken, I followed my heart back to TikTok. It worked for me once—why not again?

Who is Taye Diggs dating

We never reunited after weeks of shorter conversations. “If they wanted to, they would,” TikTok dating lore said. These statements clarified our breakup for me. This term, like most TikTok dating advice, is a generalization, according to Avgitidis.

If they wanted to date you, they would be your f*ck buddy. Avgitidis said such advice only works then.

Avgitidis adds these self-proclaimed dating specialists have utilized this viral term as generic counsel. If they wanted to text you or take you out, they would. Avgitidis advises against using TikTok phrases like “If it’s not a f*ck yes, then it’s a no” while meeting new people.

“This [viral saying] removes all of the nuances that are needed in the first few weeks of dating, which requires a lot of courage, worry, trying not to carry your baggage over to the next relationship,” she says. It also ruins dates. Why must every first date end in marriage?

I had this mindset. I declined many “casual dates” since I thought they suggested the guy wasn’t interested. My dates had to match my higher criteria from DM f*ck dudes. @tealeiamthebest thinks coffee and beverages are bad first dates. That’s not special, she says. @fleeksie stated males who ask women on coffee dates aren’t trying hard enough.

Who is Taye Diggs dating

“They’re attempting to invest the least amount of time and effort to know they’re desirable because their self-worth is on the ground… in a 72,000-liked video. Avgitidis thinks this approach to dating is unhealthy. Avgitidis believes research shows more individuals seek casual first dates. It’s OK to have a casual first date—it’s like meeting someone out and about.

I ruined dating by following TikTok. After two years of relying on these notions, I’ve learned to take them with a grain of salt and make sure I want to follow them. Many of these dating strategies can be applied elsewhere in my life. Many creators advise leaving the house as you’re meeting your dream lover. Reframing my perspective has helped me romanticize my life and regain some of my confidence after my perceived dating “fails.”

Engagement chicken is good alone or with family. I bought “irresistible” scents because I like them and they feel nice. Red nails? Those aren’t mine… okay.

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