who is still alive in the beatles

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Who is still alive in the Beatles? Without question, the band with the most widespread recognition is The Beatles. They gave more musical performances than one might suppose they did throughout the 20th century.

They achieved fame worldwide, appeared in several productions, and are recognized instantly whenever their names are spoken. On the other hand, a significant amount of time has passed since the band members were working at their peak. Then what about who is still alive in the Beatles?

Outside of his New York City apartment, John Lennon passed away in 1980.

John Lennon, an English guitarist who was a former member of the Beatles, was killed by a gunshot on the evening of December 8, 1980, in the archway of The Dakota, the home he owned in New York City. Mark David Chapman, a fan of the American Beatles who was originally from Hawaii, was the one who ended up killing him when he was 40 years old.

Who is still alive in the Beatles

According to Chapman, he was incensed by Lennon’s way of life as well as his public statements, in particular Lennon’s widely publicized declaration that the Beatles were “more popular than Jesus,” as well as the lyrics to his songs “God” and “Imagine.” Chapman also asserted that the fictional character Holden Caulfield from J. D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye impacted him. Salinger’s novel was the inspiration for Chapman’s work.

Due to lung cancer, George Harrison passed away in 2001.

During the height of the band’s popularity, George Harrison was considered to be the Beatles’ more reserved member. Even though he wasn’t as well known as John Lennon or Paul McCartney, he was nevertheless an essential part of the band.

After the Beatles broke up in 1970, George Harrison pursued a solo career, eventually attaining a significant amount of fame. He published everything, including “All Things Must Pass,” which was praised well by reviewers.

Who is still alive in the Beatles

Harrison witnessed “My Sweet Lord” become a successful single off the record after it was released. Harrison was diagnosed with various cancers when he was in his 50s.

The New York Times reports that in 1998 he was hospitalized for throat cancer; shortly thereafter, he was hospitalized for cancer of the brain and the lungs. In the end, Harrison succumbed to lung cancer in the year 2001. At age 58, he passed away in the city of Los Angeles.

Ringo Starr, now 78 years old, resides in the United Kingdom.

Ringo Starr, born Sir Richard Starkey MBE in July 1940, is an English guitarist, poet, musician, and actor. His stage name best knows him, Ringo Starr, which he adopted while playing drums for the Beatles in the 1960s.

During his teenage years, Starr battled a life-threatening illness that required him to spend extended periods in the hospital. He worked for British Rail for a short time before beginning an apprenticeship with a machinery maker in Liverpool. Before that, he was employed by British Rail.

Who is still alive in the Beatles

Shortly after, he became immersed in the British skiffle craze and developed a deep appreciation for this musical subgenre. In 1957, he collaborated with others to establish his first band, the Eddie Clayton Skiffle Party. This band went on to win numerous local reserves before American rock, and roll popularity began to decline in early 1958.

When the Beatles initially got together in 1960, Starr was already a member of another band from Liverpool called Rory Storm and the Hurricanes.

After putting on a lackluster performance in Great Britain and Hamburg, he was invited to join the Beatles in August of 1962 and quit the Hurricanes to take Pete Best’s place in the band.

At the age of 76, Paul McCartney is still active and does performances.

Paul McCartney is arguably the most famous member of the Beatles in the modern era. He and Starr are the only two people involved, and although McCartney does not have the same level of renown as he did in the 1960s, he continues to play regularly.

Since leaving the Beatles, Paul McCartney has pursued a solo career and collaborated with artists from other musical genres. Most recently, he was featured on Rihanna, and Kanye West’s smash hit “FourFiveSeconds” and performed during the halftime show of the Super Bowl in 2005.

Today, Paul McCartney is 76 years old and already famous all over the world. With a net worth of $1.2 billion, he is a member of the band with the most incredible wealth.


The fans want to see Ringo Starr and Paul McCartney relive Beatlemania’s glory days. Despite the fact that not every member of the band has lived a long and fruitful life, fans continue to have faith that the music of John Lennon and George Harrison will endure for all of the time.

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