Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating? All you need to know!

It is unknown as of 2022 who Sabrina Carpenter is dating if she is dating anyone at all. Her exes have included Bradley Steven Perry, Bradley Simpson, Corey Fogelmanis, and Griffin Gluck, and she has been romantically linked to Bradley Steven Perry in the past. There are also rumors that she dated Joshua Bassett in the year 2020 or that she is now dating him.

Sabrina Carpenter is a well-known American singer and actress born on May 11, 1999. She is most well-known for her role as Maya Hart in the Girl Meets World series on the Disney Channel. She has been in a number of films and television series over the course of her career, and she has also released solo records.

Bradley Perry Steven

Bradley and Sabrina met on the set of their show “Girl Meets World” in 2014. Sabrina played the main character, Maya Hart, on the show. Bradley asked Sabrina to be his girlfriend by putting a note on a piece of paper and putting it in a bottle. Sabrina agreed to be his girlfriend. Even though they had many Instagram-worthy moments together, there were rumors that Bradley was jealous of Sabrina’s other male friends, and eventually, cracks started to appear in their relationship.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating

In 2015, the couple broke up. Even though Sabrina seemed to have moved on, Bradley was posting on social media, which could be a sign that he missed her, and liking tweets from a controversial Twitter account called @Causewereguys. They still follow each other on social media as of 2022.

Bradley Smith

Simpson and Sabrina had been rumored to be dating in 2017 when the latter joined the former’s band, The Vamps, on tour as a featured performer. Fans were also wondering if they were dating because Sabrina had posted many pictures of them together on social media.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating

But in an interview with Seventeen magazine, Sabrina quickly shut down rumors about her ratings. She said, “We completely ignore it. First of all, none of this was known to me. Bradley also doesn’t spend much time on social media. I think we try to live in reality as much as possible.” They are still friends in 2022 and follow each other on social media.

Corey Fogelman

Fans of the show “Girl Meets World” thought that Sabrina and Corey had been in a relationship for many years because of how close they were as friends. But the rumors were quickly put to rest when Sabrina posted this on Corey’s birthday on Instagram: “Happy birthday, Corey! You’re a great friend, and I’m proud to know you, not date you. Thank you for helping me and not dating me. I love you so much. Platonically.” They are still close friends in 2022 and follow each other on social media.

Griffin Gluck

Griffin and Sabrina’s first movie together on Netflix was called “Tall Girl.” Soon, people started saying they were dating because they posted things on social media that made it look like they were together, like kissing at Disneyland or wearing the same Halloween costume. Sabrina never said if she was dating Griffin, but in August 2020, Bustle said they had broken up.

Joshua Bassett

In July 2020, Joshua and Sabrina were first seen together at a “Black Lives Matter” rally. Later, the paparazzi took pictures of them at lunch in Los Angeles. Most of the time, the two kept their rumored relationship a secret. However, dating rumors started up again in October 2020 when they dressed up as the fictional characters Sharkboy and Lavagirl for Halloween.

Who is Sabrina Carpenter dating

In January 2021, a fan spotted the rumored couple together in Park City, Utah, and posted a photo of them on Twitter. This happened a few days before Bassett’s rumored ex-girlfriend Olivia Rodrigo released her song “Driver’s License,” in which she accused Bassett of cheating. Fans seemed to be sure now that Sabrina and Bassett were dating.

Later in 2021, Sabrina released a song called “Skins,” which was said to be a response to what Olivia was trying to say in “Driver’s License.” But it can’t be said that Joshua and Sabrina are dating because neither of their representatives has said so.

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