Who is logan on Claim to Fame

Who is logan on Claim to Fame? All you need to know!

Logan lets the group in on that his famous relative is “a very well-known country music artist” and that the Academy of Country Music Award is the individual’s most prestigious honor. The musician, who unexpectedly resembles Tom Holland, initially claims that his well-known relative is his grandfather. However, he eventually acknowledges that it’s actually his cousin rather than his grandfather. A black cowboy hat will be Logan’s identifier during the fashion show.

In the sixth episode, Logan’s true identity is still unknown to his co-stars. Still, the country singer has proven to be helpful in determining the identities of his co-stars’ families. During the lie detector test, he reveals that his famous relative is currently working on music and that his famous relative’s name has never been discussed in the house before. He also claims that his famous relative is now composing music.

Who is logan on Claim to Fame

In the seventh episode, Logan reveals to the cameras that the palm-leaf cowboy hat is the item that serves as his clue in the estate sale. L.C. gets Logan’s clue from the clue room during the eighth episode, and it says, “Dirt Road Anthem Country Artist.” In addition, it is disclosed in the episode that his famous relative has collaborated with Kelly Clarkson to record a song.

LC is the one to eliminate Logan in the episode that concludes the competition. She explains that she was able to piece together hints from during their time at the house to eventually figure out Logan’s celebrity relative, even though she is not familiar with country music singers. He introduces himself to the other competitors by saying, “My name is Logan Crosby, and Jason Aldean is my cousin.”

Who is logan on Claim to Fame

“You may be familiar with my famous cousin thanks to songs like “Dirt Road Anthem” and “Don’t You Wanna Stay.” Even though I didn’t win, Jason would be pleased with how I performed.” Logan reveals to the audience in a confessional that “This was undoubtedly the most amazing experience I’ve ever had. This is something that I will never in my life forget.”

The correct response is that Logan is Jason Aldean’s cousin.

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