Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating: Who is She Currently Dating?

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating? The news of JoJo Siwa’s new relationship with TikTok sensation Avery Cyrus was shared with fans not too long ago. Regarding her love life, JoJo Siwa has only been in a handful of high-profile relationships thus far in her career. Even though the former member of Dance Moms spent her childhood in the public eye, she managed to keep her romantic life a secret until the year 2020.

There was much conjecture regarding JoJo’s romantic life, and it wasn’t until she accepted a proposal from a user on TikTok that we found out she was in a relationship. Prior to that, there was much speculation regarding her romantic life.

JoJo Siwa: Who Is She?

Jojo Siwa is thought to have over 3.6 billion YouTube views and over 60.5 million social media followers. She is a social media sensation with over 60.5 million followers, a singer, a television and movie star, a best-selling author, and an online sensation. Along with her mother, Jessalynn Siwa, she appeared in two seasons of Dance Moms with her singles “Boomerang” and “Kid in a Candy Store.” She has also worked on other projects.

Jojo, who is only 18 years old, has already established herself as a force to be reckoned with in the consumer products industry. Her well-known JoJo Siwa bow has been sold more than 80 million times to date.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

The former Dance Moms reality TV star is now competing on the 30th season of Dancing with the Stars, making history as the first celebrity from our generation to dance with the same gender partner in the show’s history. She enjoys jazz, hip-hop, and other dance genres.

The J Team, a brand-new live-action musical that she will executive produce and perform in, will debut on Paramount+. She acts as executive director in addition to being the series’ executive producer and creative director for Siwa’s Dance Pop Revolution with Peacock.

She was designated as one of Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People of 2020 in the year 2020.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating Currently?

Kylie Prew and JoJo Siwa’s romance ended after they had been together for about a year. She was having trouble remaining focused because she had not kept off the dance floor for the bulk of the evening.

The singer recently stated that she is dating Avery Cyrus and has confirmed their relationship. Avery Cyrus is one of the most prominent TikTok stars. The Dance Moms alum captioned a TikTok video of herself and her lover kissing each other with the remark “happiest girl” on September 12.

Relationship History

JoJo Siwa, a Dancing With The Stars contestant, declared her single status in January 2022 via a TikTok video. The Dancing With The Stars contestant was spotted with her new girlfriend, Katie Mills, at a Lakers game. Since then, the star’s relationship status has been the subject of several inquiries from fans and the media.

When Mills’ old tweets started resurfacing, there was a specific air of ambiguity about them. According to rumors, Mills liked and posted multiple times in the past that supported Trump and anti-trans attitudes. The 18-year-old student was accused of cultural appropriation for donning artificial cornrows to mimic Kendrick Lamar’s hairstyle as part of a costume.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

She had been openly associated with Mark Bontempo and Kylie Prew before the rumored romance between Kylie Prew and Mills. Her close friend Elliot Brown was reportedly also believed to be dating JoJo by the media, but she quickly refuted those allegations.

Here is a synopsis of JoJo Siwa’s past relationships. Would you kindly look at it?

JoJo Siwa and Avery Cyrus

Several rumors about the couple’s romance began to circulate when they filmed a mukbang together on TikTok in early August. During that moment, witnesses observed a blue kiss mark on JoJo’s cheek, sparking conjecture about the two’s prospective relationship.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

They’ve been sighted together countless times since then. Avery and JoJo were spotted together at Disneyland, and she even went on vacation with her family in Iowa as part of their vacation with JoJo’s family.

JoJo Siwa and Katie Mills

JoJo Siwa, a famous actress, has been in the public eye ever since she was a little child, but she maintains a very quiet personal life. She was recently spotted with her girlfriend, Katie Mills, at a Lakers game.

Mills and Jojo were front and center when Jae Crowder sat next to them, almost slamming into them. It’s fortunate that the accident may have been prevented because it would have allowed the girls and the athlete to flee unharmed.

The two exchanged a passionate kiss in the next TikTok posts, with Mills kissing JoJo on the cheek in one of them. Jojo also uploaded a number of her TikTok photos with Mills. Fans soon learned that Mills’ VSCO account had been accessed, and they also learned that she and a friend had gone to Disneyland soon after the event.

Who is Jojo Siwa Dating

Fans, on the other hand, were against the two dating one other as soon as the tweets from Mills’ Twitter account reappeared. It seemed like Mills issued a number of tweets outlining what had occurred and expressing regret for her prior actions. However, it doesn’t seem like that was sufficient to maintain the connection.

JoJo Siwa and Kylie Prew

When Kylie Prew and Jojo Siwa first encountered each other while on a cruise ship, they hit it off right away and became friends. These two good buddies didn’t take long to develop into close friends. Prew was among the first individuals to learn of Jojo Siwa’s sexual orientation not long after.

On September 20, 2021, a portion of Jimmy Fallon’s Tonight Show aired in which JoJo claimed that Prew, the love of her life, had inspired her to first come out to her fans.

The females made the decision to start dating in the beginning of January 2021 after a year of being best friends. In November 2021, the couple announced their separation after almost a year of dating. JoJo explains that their split was brought on by a hectic schedule, and despite being apart during the split, they remained great friends.

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo

JoJo Siwa and Mark Bontempo have been in a committed partnership since May 2020. In July 2020, the celebrity made a Tiktok post that revealed a link between the two. The existence of the relationship was initially kept secret.

On August 2, 2020, Jojo published a TikTok video with the caption “Meet Mark,” in which she publicly introduced Mark. The couple’s romance ended in November, but a later-released statement from JoJo stated that their decision to split was motivated by their divergent professional paths.

I’m eager to see what the couple has in store for us in terms of their relationship going ahead. We wish them luck in all of their future endeavors. Stay tuned as we provide you with more celebrity rumors.

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