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Who is Jacob Elordi Dating? Joey King, Zendaya & Others!

Jacob Elordi Dating: Jacob Elordi is an Australian actor famous for playing the role of Noah Flynn in the teen film The Kissing Booth & Euphoria HBO series.

Jacob was born in Brisbane on June 26, 1997, to Melissa & John Elordi.

He has three older siblings. Jacob attended secondary schools at St. Kevin’s College, Melbourne & St. Joseph’s College in Brisbane.  


Jacob’s first brush with Hollywood was on the sets of Pirates of the Caribbean as an extra.

His first role as an actor came in Swinging Safari, an Australian film. His first big break came as Noah Flynn in the romantic comedy The Kissing Booth & he also reprised the role in The Kissing Booth 2 & 3.

Jacob starred in the horror movie The Mortuary Collection and played the role of Nate Jacobs in the HBO TV series Euphoria. 

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Jacob has been very private about his personal life. Since appearing in The Kissing Booth, he has been linked to a few names like Joey King, Zendaya, Cari Flowers & Kaia Gerber.  

Joey King 

Who Jacob Elordi Is Dating,Jocob Elordi and Joey KIng
Picture Credits: Elle.com

Jacob met Joey while shooting The Kissing Booth. Within a few months, the on-screen couple became an off-screen couple, and they began dating.

Joey made their relationship public on her Instagram account in June 2017.

The couple looked deeply in love. King also told a magazine it started as a friendship.

In 2019, the couple separated, and Jacob went on a hiatus from social media. 

Cari Flowers 

Cari Flowers

Elordi moved on to American model Cari Flowers after his breakup with Joey King.

The model posted some cosy snaps with the actor.  Cari removed all images from her Instagram account post their short lived romance


Who Jacob Elordi Is Dating, Jacob Elordi & Zendaya

Jacob was seen with his Euphoria co-star Zendaya in Athens, Greece, where she celebrated her birthday with her family & Elordi.

They started as friends and started dating after the show ended.

The couple was inseparable, taking time for each other between work. Jacob met Zendaya’s family, and they love him.

They went on a couple of dates after their return from Greece.

They were going strong in 2020, but they went their separate ways by September that year. Jacob was not with Zendaya on her 24th birthday as he was on a date with Kaia Gerber. 

 Kaia Gerber 

Who Jacob Elordi Is Dating
Picture Credits: Pinkvilla

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Jacob Elordi & Kaia Gerber’s dating rumours started after their dinner date in Malibu in September 2020.

A source informed that they were just friends but were soon inseparable. Kaia Gerber is supermodel Cindy Crawford’s daughter.

The couple has been seen together a lot for the past several weeks.

They go out for dinner together & work out together in the gym during the day. 


Currently, Jacob is dating Youtuber Olivia Jade. They sparked their dating rumours in December 2021. They were walking their dogs together in LA recently.


The Kissing Booth star’s net worth is $4 million. 


Q: Why did Jacob & Joey break up? 

A: It is speculated that Jacob landing a role in Euphoria meant having choc-a-block working hours, which led to their separation. 

Q: How many exes does Jacob have? 

A: Jacob has dated some of the known names. His Kissing Booth co-star Joey King, his Euphoria co-star Zendaya, and model Kaia Gerber. 

Q: Why Noel & Elle Break up in The Kissing Booth? 

A: Noah & Elle break up because Noah doesn’t want Elle to follow him to Harvard only for him. And Elle was fine with her decision because she wanted to figure out what makes her truly happy instead of trying to please the men in her life. 

Q: How many parts are there in The Kissing Booth franchise? 

A: The Kissing Booth film has three parts. The first two parts were released in 2020 & the third one in 2021.

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