who is chris brown dating

Who Is Chris Brown Dating? About His Love Life.

Who Is Chris Brown Dating? As of the month of April 2022, Chris Brown is a father to three famous children. Over the course of his career, the controversial R&B singer-songwriter has been linked to a number of colorful stars, including models, other musicians, and colorful stars.

His infamous relationship with Rihanna is the primary reason for his widespread notoriety. However, his other loves have a propensity for engaging in a rivalry with one another. Will Brown’s most important connection ever reach a stable state?

Chris Brown Is a Father to 3 Children from His 3 Ex-Fiancées.

According to Distractify, the singer who is well known for his song “Go Crazy” has three children with three different women. In 2014, he became a father for the first time with the help of model Nia Guzman. Royalty, the couple’s kid, was conceived at the time that Brown was seeing another woman. He and Guzman did not remain together for a very long time, and they still occasionally engaged in public altercations.

Aeko, Brown’s replacement child, was born in the year 2019. The mother of the child, model Ammika Harris, is now involved romantically with the R&B singer and has been for a significant amount of time. At least on a personal level, they have a positive relationship as co-parents while rearing their son. However, when Brown’s third child arrived earlier than expected, she voiced her discontent about the situation on social media.

Who Is Chris Brown Dating

Lovely is Brown’s alternative son and the third child in their family. In April, model Diamond Brown became a mother to her daughter. When Diamond described the appearance of the infant, she made an exciting omission: she did not name Lovely’s infamous father.

Since then, the two have acknowledged that their child is the child of the other, but they have stayed silent about their sexual relationship. This could be because of the intricate web of connections that exists between their relationship and the relationships of several of the “Forever” chorister’s ex-girlfriends.

What Girl Is Chris Brown Dating Currently, and Who Are Some of His Ex-Girlfriends?

Chris Brown has been romantically linked to a number of different women over the course of his career. He has been involved in high-profile interactions with celebrities such as actress Karrueche Tran and model Ammika Harris.

Who Is Chris Brown Dating

Since his comeback more than a decade ago, the singer’s romantic life has been a consistent topic of discussion in the captions, as has his entry into fatherhood; Breezy is a father to two children with two of his ex-girlfriends.


Gina Huynh (2020), Diamond Brown (2019), Agnez Mo (2017- 2019), Vanessa Vargas (Model) (2017), Ammika Harris (2015), Amy Shehab (2015), Blair Pena (2013- 2015), Karizma Ramirez (2013), Karrueche Tran (2010- 2015), Simply Jess (2010- 2012), Draya Michele (2010), Rihanna (2007- 2013), and Nia Guzman have all been linked to Chris Brown in

Chris Brown has had problems with the following women: Krista Santiago (2016), Cydney Christine (2016), Montana Tucker (2016), Indya Marie (2015), Briona Mae (2015), Brittany Renner (2015), Rhea Dummett (2014), Nia Amey (2013), Keisha Kimball (2013), Jasmine Sanders (2010), Joie Chavis, Lisa Ann (2010), Joanna Hernandez (2009), Natalie Nunn (2009), Natalie Mejia (2009), and Karrine Steffans ( 2007).

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