which statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing?

which statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing?

Cloud computing is the new technology in the field of technology. It is a service that provides data storage, processing and applications through the internet. It is a network of data centers where large amount of data is stored and processed.

Cloud computing is considered as a good way to save money as well as time. It is a good idea to adopt cloud computing because it saves money as well as time. Let us know more about cloud computing.

which statement describes a characteristic of cloud computing?

  • Any business can connect to the Internet directly without using an ISP.
  • People can use applications online from anywhere in the world at any time. They can access them on their computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • A device can connect to the Internet by using existing electrical wiring.
  • Cloud computing infrastructure is essential for any organization that wants to utilize the benefits of cloud-based services.

Explanation: Cloud computing allows users to access applications, back up and store files, and perform tasks without needing additional software or servers.

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Why are companies moving to cloud computing?

Companies are adopting cloud computing because it is cost effective. The companies don’t need to spend time and money in buying the servers, the hardware, the networking equipment, etc. The companies just need to buy the subscription of the service. This is a cost-effective way to perform the tasks.

The major benefit of cloud computing is that the data is encrypted. There are no chances of data leakage. The security of the data is a top priority for the companies. They can share the data with their employees, partners, customers, and others.


We hope that you have understood the concept of cloud computing. I know it is not a simple topic and it will take time to understand the concepts. So, we have covered the basic concept of cloud computing in this blog.

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