where is good bones filmed

Where is Good Bones filmed? HGTV’s Reality Show Location!

The first episode of the HGTV reality television series Good Bones aired in the year 2016 on the network. Mina Starsiak, a real estate agent who used to work as a server, and her daughter Karen Laine, a lawyer who used to practice law, work together as a mother-daughter team in this venture.

As a result of their decision a few years ago to begin renovating their hometown on a house-by-house basis, Good Bones came into being as a result of their efforts. Continue reading to learn more about the filming site of Good Bones and other relevant information.

Where does the television show “Good Bones” get its footage?

According to a story published by Popsugar, the reality show that focuses on renovating homes is filmed in only one city, which also happens to be the hometown of the show’s hosts. That location is Indianapolis, Indiana.

The show Good Bones was created locally in the Midwest of the United States. Although the show is only recorded in one location, Indianapolis, Mina, and Karen frequently make improvements to homes in the surrounding areas.

Locations such as Fountain Square, where Karen and Mina’s business started, the Bates-Hendricks neighborhood, and most recently, Indianapolis’s Old Southside have all played essential roles in the production of Good Bones.

where is good bones filmed

Most HGTV series takes place in much larger cities or even in different countries, making Good Bones an unusual exception. While shows like Property Brothers and Love it or List it are based in both the United States and Canada, the Flip or Flop franchise started in Los Angeles and has since spread to Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Instead of concentrating on a single property at a time, Laine and Starsiak split their time between several different properties throughout the course of the season. In other words, they don’t focus on any one house. Therefore, at any given time, they are working on anywhere from eight to ten residences simultaneously.

where is good bones filmed

Both Karen and Mina were born and bred in Indiana. As a result, they maintained a shallow profile while filming the series, which focuses on revitalizing entire neighborhoods in Indianapolis instead of merely individual homes.

In each episode, they spotlight different members of their team, such as Starsiak Hawk’s half-brother Tad, who is in charge of the demo crew; Lonny, who is their foreman; and Lenny, who has been Tad’s stepfather for many years and is also the longtime head contractor. The show has just finished airing its fifth season, and the final episode of the most recent season was broadcast on September 8, 2020.

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