What happened to Randy Orton

What happened to Randy Orton? Did he Retire?

Randy Orton suffered an injury during the RAW Tag Championship matches on Smackdown. His concerned followers are hunting for information on What Happened to Randy Orton, and some of them are trying to determine the status of his injuries at the present time. The most recent information regarding What Happened To Randy Orton and his injuries is presented here for your perusal.

What Exactly Occurred With Randy Orton?

On May 20, the WWE Raw Tag Championship match broadcast on Smackdown resulted in Randy Orton sustaining an injury. Randy Orton has been sidelined with shoulder and back problems throughout his tenure in WWE. After their match on May 20 for the WWE Raw Tag Championship on SmackDown, Rk-members bro’s Riddle and Randy went to get checked up in the hospital.

What happened to Randy Orton

Kurt Angle mentioned that Orton’s career might have been over because of the particular injury. The former star of NXT stated that Randy was suffering from a severe back ailment and provided an update by stating that it was unclear whether or not the two individuals would ever work together again.

He remarked, “Recently, Randy Orton has been dealing with serious issues involving his back. Before our match for the Tag Team Title, he was in such bad shape that he could hardly walk.” Randy Orton sustained the injury.

Will We See Randy Orton Compete Again In WWE?

Since May of 2022, Randy Orton, a superstar of WWE, has been sidelined with a back ailment and unable to compete. Find out when the boxer who has previously held the world title plans to compete again. Orton had a back injury when Randy was in the midst of a fruitful alliance with Matt Riddle as the “RK-Bro.”

The tag team was currently in the midst of their second reign as the champions of the Raw Tag Team competition. Late in September, it was reported that WWE was “concerned” about the seriousness of the injuries that had been sustained. As a result, he is presently recuperating in order to return to WWE.

When Will Randy Orton Return?

Randy Orton just had surgery to treat an ailment to his back, and fellow wrestler Kurt Angle believes the procedure may save Orton’s career. On the other hand, as a result of his injuries, new information suggested that the superstar would be sidelined for the rest of 2022.

What happened to Randy Orton

The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) then provided additional information regarding Randy’s injury by posting on their Twitter account. Every devoted follower eagerly anticipates witnessing his live show. However, Randy is attending appointments with neurosurgeons and spine surgeons to determine the most effective treatment method for his condition. According to 411mania, Randy Orton is now taking a break.

Have we seen the last of Randy Orton?

Kurt Angle mentioned that Orton’s career might have been over because of this injury. As said by Kurt Angle, “When you have pain in your back, you are unable to move or do any action because your back controls everything. How much of an impact may back issues have on your career as a professional wrestler? “.

There are reports on the internet that Randy Orton is leaving WWE. These speculations have been swirling for quite some time. However, Randy has not provided additional information regarding his exit from WWE.

What happened to Randy Orton

Then, in April 2022, Randy made it public that the news of him leaving WWE was just a hoax and that he had no plans to retire from the company. As a result, Randy has returned home for the time being, where he will continue to recuperate while attending surgical consultations.

The Latest on the Randy Orton Injury

During the most recent episode of SmackDown, WWE updated the state of Randy Orton’s injury. They made the announcement that Randy was consulting with spine specialists. Riddle mentioned that his RK-Bro partner was suffering from back difficulties in the most recent episode of RAW.

They say the future of their squad is unknown, citing that Randy is currently resting at home. Randy was seen on television during their match against The Usos for the unification of the tag team titles. The RAW Tag Team Champions have been defeated and lost their title.

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