what happened to piper rockelle

What happened to Piper Rockelle: Did She Get Demonetized?

What happened to Piper Rockelle: Piper Rockelle is a 14-year-old girl with a YouTube channel that posts vlogs. Most of the vlogs she posts are prank videos and other daily vlogs. Recent reports say that her channel lost its ability to make money. Piper Rockelle’s fans wonder what happened to her channel and why the videos have been taken down. Read the whole article below to find out more.

Where Did Piper Rockelle Channel Go?

After Insider brought a number of claims against Piper Rockelle’s mother, Tiffany Smith, to the business, YouTube stopped making money off of Piper Rockelle’s channel for good. It stopped being a Partner Program partner on Thursday.

On January, 11 former members of Rockelle’s so-called Piper Squad, a group of other young YouTube filmmakers, filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles County. They said Smith and her boyfriend, Hunter Hill, had used and abused them.

what happened to piper rockelle

According to the lawsuit, Smith was accused of touching one young girl’s “exposed thighs and moving her hand toward her vagina,” “trying to pinch” her breasts and making comments about how big they were.

A YouTube spokeswoman told Insider, “We have permanently stopped making money from Piper Rockelle’s channel and kicked them out of the YouTube Partner Program because they broke our Creator Responsibility policy by doing things off-platform that hurt the YouTube community.” “In this case, Tiffany Smith, Piper’s mother and the person in charge of the channel’s earnings, is accused of abusing and exploiting her daughter on many counts.”

Did Piper Rockelle Get Demonetized?

When a creative is demonetized, they can’t run ads or make money from their films anymore. Since late 2016, Piper’s channel has had more than 9 million subscribers and 2 billion views. The 14-year-old is well-known for his vlogs and prank videos, which often feature other Piper Squad members.

Piper has been the focus of YouTube investigators for years. They say that she needs to be saved from the adults in her life and point to the fact that some of her videos have mature content as proof that she is only being used for views.

what happened to piper rockelle

Piper Rockelle’s Squad comprises Lev Cameron, Jentzen Ramirez, Elliana Walmsley, Emily Dobson, and Jenna Davis. Piper and her old friend Sophie Fergi started the squad together, which showed that their friendship had ended and that things were happening behind the scenes. Sophie Fergi finally told the internet and social media about what had happened on her YouTube channel.

What does it mean to be demonized?

“Demonetization” is the word of the day, year, and years in the YouTube community. If producers can’t sell their work, it gets harder and harder for them to make a living by making movies full-time. In August 2016, commentator Philip DeFranco gave the first important testimony that YouTube’s “ad-friendly” rules would hurt creators.

what happened to piper rockelle

Still, you need to jump ahead about six months to understand the problems with demonetization fully.

Demonetization tells the story of how people who make videos try to keep making money from them and how YouTube fights them repeatedly. Creators use demonetization to ask YouTube to keep letting them make weird, funny, and educational videos for a platform that doesn’t owe anything to anyone but the people who watch their videos, which is the idea that made the platform possible in the first place.

Is Piper Rockelle Pregnant?

Piper Rockelle is not pregnant. She re-posted an old video in which her mom Tiffany announced she was pregnant on March 20, 2022. She said that everything around her was going wrong, so she was trying to be happy with the good news from the past.

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