what happened to edp445

What Happened To EDP445: Meet Underage Girls on Camera

What Happened To EDP445? Here let’s see the full things.

Bryant Turman Emerson Moreland, better known by his user name EDP445 on YouTube, is an American vlogger. He is a diehard supporter of the National Football League (NFL) franchise, the Philadelphia Eagles. Recent allegations have surfaced that he attempted to engage in inappropriate conversations with little females.

Just who is this EDP445?

According to information provided by YouTube Fandom, EDP445 entered the world on December 15, 1990. According to the media outlet, he is best known for his rant videos, but in addition to that, he also does vlogs, food videos, review videos, and gaming videos.

What ended up happening with EDP445?

It has been suggested by Press Reality that the media source MTO News has stated that EDP445 was caught on camera attempting to meet an underage girl. This information comes from a report that was published by Press Reality.

what happened to edp445

According to the reports, a group of kid protection activists known as Predator Poachers apprehended and accused him of his crimes. In addition, the media portal found out that the males behind Predator Poachers make fake profiles on social networking sites in which they pose as little girls.

Afterward, they have been reported to engage in inappropriate talk with guys and make plans to meet up with them. In a manner not dissimilar to that described previously, EDP445 was captured on camera.

Claims related to EDP445

It was reported that EDP445 had arrived at the place where she was supposed to meet a girl of 14 years old. It was said that EDP445 had been chatting with the girl, and only after some time had passed did he make plans to meet up with her.

It was rumored that cameras were set up to record what EDP445 had to say once he was spotted on video. The entirety of it was broadcast in real-time online. For over a year, internet users alleged that EDP445 engaged in illicit discussions with young women under 18.

what happened to edp445

On the other hand, the YouTuber in question had already responded by uploading a video claiming that he was trolling those accounts because he believed he was communicating with other troll accounts. His followers had even purchased a copy of his book and demonstrated their support for him in other ways.

CrunchyNar, a user of the Reddit website, posted on the platform that EDP445 never apologized for his inappropriate behavior and for texting underage girls.

The user claims that the YouTuber began to shame the young woman who had “exposed” him after she posted the video. In his answer, the Reddit member also indicated that EDP445 routinely makes videos in which he insults women or raves about them. He said this about EDP445.

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