Read Here what happened to Diane, the wife of Dr. Pol.

The proverb “behind every successful man is a woman” has never been more accurate than in the case of reality TV program favorites Dr. Pol and his wife, Diane. Despite the fact that The Amazing Dr. Pol on Nat Geo Wild is a reality program about family and business, we do not see much of her.

Diane, however, has been crucial to Dr. Pol’s career as a veterinarian and reality TV star. Diane worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure they could develop a successful company, raise a family, and maintain their marriage for decades.

You may have heard tales about the family tragedy, and because we do not see Dr. Pol’s wife, Diane, very much, you may be curious about what happened to her.

Indeed, the catastrophe occurred and left the family with a permanent scar. The story continues below.

Death Struck Family of Diane

Adam James Butch, 23 years old, was lost by Diane and her husband, Dr. Pol. Kathleen “Kathleen” Pol, the daughter of Diane and Dr. Pol, was Adam’s mother.

Given how close-knit and loving Diane’s family is, you can understand how devastated they were to hear this news.

Regarding Adam’s cause of death, the family remained tight-lipped. But, according to those close to him, he was discovered dead in his chamber after a lengthy struggle with depression.

Gregory and Kathy Butch were the parents of Adam. Rachel Butch was also his younger sister. After a lengthy fight with cancer, Gregory, the father of Adam, died in 2016. This was one of the catastrophes that Diane Pol’s family experienced.

what happened to dr pol's wife

On The Incredible Hulk, Adam was seldom seen. 2017’s “Show Me the Rabbit” was the only episode Dr. Pol appeared. In two episodes between 2017 and 2019, his sister Rachel appeared.

Adam was a pharmacy technician at Rite Aid in Michigan and was dating Julia Shepherd at the time of his demise in 2019.

Diane Also Lost Her Son-in-Law

Kathy was married for twenty years to Gregory “Greg” Butch, Diane’s daughter. The couple had two children, Adam and Rachel Butch, and resided with their family in Bay City, Michigan.

Regrettably, Greg became ill with cancer and heroically fought the illness for many years until dying in February 2016. Greg was a chemical technician by profession.

Diane, who is the wife of Dr. Pol?

Diane K. Dalrymple was born in Mayville, Michigan, on February 6, 1944. She is the office manager of Pol Veterinary Services, a veterinary clinic she co-founded with her husband, Dr. Pol, and which is featured in the reality television program The Incredible Dr. Pol.

what happened to dr pol's wife

Pol and Diane met while they were young and had long-distance relationships until they married and started living together.

When Pol arrived in the United States as an exchange student at Mayville High School, where Diane was a junior, he and Diane met in 1961. Despite Pol’s departure to the Netherlands, they kept dating, and he ultimately returned to Central Michigan, where they finally married and settled.

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