What happened to Brad Raffensperger's Son

What happened to Brad Raffensperger’s Son?

Brenton Raffensperger, the son of prominent and well-known American politician Brad Raffensperger, presently serving as the Secretary of State of Georgia, passed away in 2018. Brad Raffensperger is currently serving as the Secretary of State of Georgia. “What Happened to Brad Raffensperger’s Son” and “Raffensperger Son Dead” are among the most popular search terms on the internet today. To find out what happened to Brad Raffensperger’s son, continue reading the article until the end.

Brad Raffensperger

Bradford Jay Raffensperger, also known as Brad Raffensperger, is a civil engineer, businessman, and politician who resides in the United States of America. His birthday is May 18th, and he was born in 1955. He was sworn in as Georgia’s Secretary of State in 2019 and has held that position since then.

What happened to Brad Raffensperger's Son

In the past, he was a member of the Republican Party and served in the Georgia House of Representatives, where he was responsible for representing District 50. After prevailing over Jody Hice in the Republican primary, he now stands for reelection in the Georgia Secretary of State election in 2022.

What happened to Brad Raffensperger Son?

Many people are looking for updates on what happened to Brad Raffensperger’s son. Raffensperger Son Dying on intenet. The well-known and well-liked Secretary of State of Georgia, Bradford Jay Raffensperger, is the father of Brenton Raffensperger, who is also a well-known politician. Brad Raffensperger’s son Brenton Raffensperger died inn 2018.

What happened to Brad Raffensperger's Son

In 2018, the body of Brenton Raffensperger, son of Brad Raffensperger, was discovered inside his room. Around that time, Brad Raffensperger and his family were dealt a tremendous blow, and they all felt its effects.

Brenton Raffensperger Cause Of Death

Many individuals are looking for Brenton Raffensperger’s cause of death on the internet. Many of them want to know how Brad Raffensperger’s son passed away. The passing away in 2018 of Brenton Raffensperger, son of the well-known lawmaker Brad Raffensperger, was announced. An overdose of fentanyl is believed to have been the cause of Brenton Raffensperger’s death.

What happened to Brad Raffensperger's Son

It is hypothesized that Brenton Raffensperger passed away as a result of an overdose of Fentanyl in conjunction with multiple types of heroin, cocaine, or other narcotics that are similar. The reason why he took drugs, whether due to a medical problem or because he is an addict, cannot be determined with certainty.

Brenton Notice of Death: Jay Raffensperger

Brenton Raffensperger died in 2018 due to a heroin overdose. The information contained in Brenton Jay Raffensperger’s obituary was not made public. There are two other Raffensperger children besides Brenton Jay. When Brad Raffensperger questioned his father about his son’s passing, his father told him that Brenton Raffensperger battled a number of issues, including an addiction to drugs and a cancer diagnosis.

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