What Gotham would look like without Batman is terrifying.

What Gotham would look like without Batman is terrifying.

Gotham wouldn’t have flooded if Bale’s Batman from the sequel “Batman Begins” had been introduced into the world of Batman.

Characters and fans have debated whether Batman has been beneficial or bad for Gotham for a long time. Batman 131 (by Mike Hawthorne, Chip Zdarsky, Tomeu Morey, and  Adriano Di Benedetto) provided the solution to that query by showing what Gotham might look like if Batman had never existed. It would be a much grittier and bloodier place.

Characters whose lives Batman improved are now far more corrupt, and Gotham’s police are now just as dreaded as its gangs. Additionally, crime is now far more prevalent than it ever was. Even if this reality is awful, it shows that Batman positively influences the world. Even though he may not always be the most attractive solution, Gotham’s situation has taken an unsettling turn for the worst without him.

Batman i the Gotham City
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Batman Arrives in a Darker Sort of  Gotham City

 Gotham City
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Batman quickly realized that this was a different location from his house. But he immediately noticed that this Gotham was darker and more ominous than the Gotham he was used to.

When he looked more closely, he started to see why: the Bruce Wayne of this universe is deceased and never actually became Batman. As a result, crime soared in Gotham without its Dark Knight to protect the city, and even the city’s most desirable residents began to leave.

The city’s law enforcement was the first and most apparent shift. Gotham City had one of the nation’s most evil police forces before Bruce arrived.

The GCPD seems to have transformed into a paramilitary task force without Batman to assist in expelling the rot, using people well-known as “judges” to find the sources of what they view as criminal activity.

But it seems like little more than breaking into the houses of familiar people and accusing them of a crime without any evidence.

More alarming is that Judge Harvey Dent, who is physically stronger, suggests that using venom to improve judges is commonplace. He might not be Two-Face in this universe, but it doesn’t make him any less deadly or seem to have any more self-control.

Catwoman has also become a crime lord, working for the enigmatic Red Mask, who controls Gotham’s criminal underworld. There isn’t even a glimmer of natural justice on this planet.

Batman Is Actually Needed in Gotham City

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Even though this situation looks terrible, it shows that Batman is not an issue in Gotham. It has long been conjectured that his particular style of masked heroism motivates criminals to don their masks and raise the bar on their schemes for crimes.

It is shown that without him, crime in Gotham would have increased, and disguised criminals would have appeared despite everything.

Batman didn’t start the crime wave in Gotham; instead, he tried to stop it from worsening. In all honesty, he was successful at that time.

Without the Dark Knight’s intervention, it is evident from this darker Gotham landscape that the evil existing there would have only worsened.

It would have gotten so dangerous that everyone in the city would have been living in fear and wouldn’t have dared to leave their homes.

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