Visual Studio Code 1.60

Microsoft has released the August 2021 version of its open source integrated development environment: Visual Studio Code 1.60. This version features many improvements in code editing. We also note better support for discovery, navigation and test status in Python and the arrival of a guide for web extension authors to learn how to update an extension for VS Code in the browser. The most remarkable new feature, however, is the activation of automatic programming language detection.

In the previous version of Visual Studio Code, Microsoft introduced an experimental feature for untitled files that automatically sets the language mode of the file based on the content. This automatic language detection feature uses machine learning and the machine learning model runs entirely locally on your machine. The model is powered by the open source Tensorflow.js ML library and the Guesslang ML model by GitHub user @yoeo.

In Visual Studio Code, Microsoft enabled automatic language detection by default and extended this detection to include files that do not have a file extension.

Microsoft clarified that it added this feature after seeing that some new Visual Studio Code users did not know how to set the language mode and did not know that it was necessary to get the rich feature set of Visual Studio Code (language colorization and extension recommendations).

Visual Studio Code 1.60 can be downloaded from its official website.

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