Travis Kelce had 6catches, 3TDs & 116 yards against the Chargers

Travis Kelce had 6catches, 3TDs & 116 yards against the Chargers

On Sunday, Travis Kelce scored his third touchdown with 31 seconds left from quarterback Patrick Mahomes to impel the Kansas City Chiefs past the Los Angeles Chargers 30-27. Against the Chargers, Kelce is 15-2, and he had two 3+ touchdowns games in a season and touched the record of Todd Christensen in 1983.

Travis Kelce is the third close end in the Super Bowl time with numerous three getting score games in a season. Kelce’s 11 getting TDs this season are tied with Tyler Effort in 2015 for the second-most by a tight end through the team’s initial ten matches. Julius Thomas, who had 12 with the Broncos in 2014, was the only tight end with more.

The Los Angeles Chiefs are currently three games in front of the Chargers in the AFC West standings and own the tiebreaker round in the wake of beating them two times this season.

The Chiefs took the lead in the fourth quarter on Travis Kelce’s touchdown of the match.

Travis Kelce made the catch at the Chargers’ 27. He wrapped up, winding around his way through various defenders before finding his direction to the end zone behind a vital block from individual tight end Jody Fortson.

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The match likewise denotes Kelce’s tenth professional multi-receiving touchdown; he joined Tyreek Slope (12) and Tony Gonzalez (14) as the Kansas City Chiefs with at least ten such games in franchise history.

Travis Kelce received six catches, rushed 115 yards, and had three TDs.

The Match Highlight

Kansas City, expected to get off to a hot beginning in the final part after consecutive three-and-outs to finish off the subsequent quarter, were sandwiched around a 10-0 show to the Los Angeles Chargers that put them out in front by a score at the break. Emerging for the third, Kansas city’s defense was constraining L.A. to dropkick the ball away, and the Chief’s offense was going on the 10-0 race to recover the lead. While that first drive at last finished with only a goal, the L.A. Chargers could restore their ground assault on this drive as 51 out of their 56 complete yards acquired were using the running match-up. That kept the Charger’s guard alert and aware, opening things up for Patrick Mahomes to pass for 150 yards with two touchdowns.

Travis Kelce kept being a world-class outlet for Mahomes, especially when they were within striking distance. In the final quarter alone, Travis Kelce’s two receptions went for a joined 49 yards; Los Angeles Chargers got the lead with his two touchdowns. Rookie Skyy Moore made various clutch receptions and got done with five 63 yards catches in the victory.

Los Angeles got the game going interesting. It took Justin Herbert only three plays to find the end zone, hitting Joshua Palmer for a 50-yard score. They scored points on everything except one of the drives in the first half, yet the halftime break ended up being a digit of a hindrance for Brandon Staley’s club. In the wake of going on a 10-0 rush first half end, L.A. permitted the L.A. Chargers to go on their own 10-point run as they punted on consecutive drives to start the second from last quarter.

At the point when they began to get once more into a beat in the third and crossed into the Kansas City region, Herbert finished an 11-yard pass to Keenan Allen that would have carried the Chargers to the Kansas City’s 32-yard line. Yet, the veteran receiver bungled the ball away. While on the next drive, Jerick McKinnon would give the ball back to the Chargers with his very own bungle, which wasted a scoring a valuable open door for L.A. that would have tied the game at 23 at any rate as they were in field goal reach.

Team Stats

Kansas City Chiefs

1. Total Yards: 485

2. Passing Yards: 322

3. Rushing Yards: 163

4. Yards Per Play: 7.8

5. First Downs: 23

6. 3rd Down Efficiency: 5/10

7. 4th Down Efficiency: 0/0

8. Total Plays: 62

9. Sacks Allowed: 1

10 Punts: 2

11. Penalties (yards): 4(54)

12 Interception Thrown: 0

Los Angeles Chargers

1. Total Yards: 365

2. Passing Yards: 250

3. Rushing Yards: 115

4. Yards Per Play: 5.6

5. First Downs: 22

6. 3rd Down Efficiency: 8/14

7. 4th Down Efficiency: 0/0

8. Total Plays: 65

9. Sacks Allowed: 5

10 Punts: 3

11. Penalties (yards): 4(25)

12 Interception Thrown: 1

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