Travis Barker Net Worth? Singer? Drummer? Successful Career?

After less than a year of dating, Travis Barker, drummer for the band “All the Small Things,” proposed to Kourtney Kardashian. Fans are anxious to discover about the celebrity couple’s private life now that they know they’re getting married, and that includes how much they’re worth individually and together. While each of them is a millionaire on their own, when they team up, their net worth surges to new levels of success.

A net worth of $65 million was previously revealed by Bustle, and that number is expected to rise each year. So, how much is Blink-182’s lead singer alone, excluding the value of his soon-to-be-wife, really worth? Most folks have no idea how complex it is.

Travis Barker is the band’s lead singer. Intangible Assets

Travis Barker

Barker has an estimated net worth of $50 million, making him one of the most successful drummers in pop-punk music history. His financial well-being and success are aided by a good mix of his previous songs with Blink-182 and new projects with some of the hottest up-and-coming artists in music.

How Travis Barker Makes a Fortune in 4 Ways

Barker is arguably best recognised for his work as a founding member of the trailblazing pop-punk band Blink-182. No matter how many times Barker was asked to stand in for the band’s first drummer, Tom DeLonge’s relationship with Mark Hoppus and Tom DeLonge was unmistakable. In little time at all, he became an integral part of the band and has been drumming for them for more than two decades.

In the history of pop-punk, Blink-182 is one of the most successful, if not the most recognisable band. A year later, the band relocated to Los Angeles, where it was created. There are eight albums in Billboard’s top 10, including two that have topped the list in the United States.

They have scored some of the most popular rock and alternative music singles of all time, including “What’s My Age Again?” “All the Small Things,” “The Rock Show,” and “I Miss You,” which have been embraced by radio stations throughout the country. Travis Barker is still earning royalties from the band’s most popular songs, which are played nearly every day these days.

Personal Life of Travis Barker:

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Blink-182’s current label claims that the band has sold over 50 million records globally. They’ve sold 10 million full-length albums and millions of singles in the US, according to official sales figures.

It’s not hard to think that the band has already gathered billions of plays on Spotify, given that they have 12.6 million monthly listeners and hundreds of millions of plays on their most popular tracks. YouTube’s staggering 2.1 billion video views also bring in a sizable sum of money.

Blink-182 has toured at least 15 times in the United States, and some of those tours have carried them to other nations as well. Barker has been a part of nearly all of them, even when he was unable to perform with the band owing to injuries or his inability to fly to particular countries because of his phobia of flying. Tens of millions of dollars have been earned by the band while on the road.

Other Bands Other Than Blink-182

When it comes to Blink-182 side projects, Barker is the most prolific among the band’s current and previous members, both current and former. One of music’s most sought after producers, songwriters, and drummers has been established since then by working with a variety of new artists and founding various bands as well as collaborated with some of hip-most hop’s prominent artists, among other things. However, it was Travis Barker who first started the practise of mixing pop-punk with hip-hop in their music.

Prior to joining The Transplants, Travis Barker played in bands including +44, Box Car Racer, TRV$DJAM, The Aquabats, Goldfinger, and Expensive Taste. Additionally, he has worked with musicians like Yelawolf, Asher Roth, Suicideboys, KennyHoopla and Machine Gun Kelly in the background on various projects.

Barker helped the former hip-hop sensation refocus his career and helped him score his first US No. 1 album with Tickets to My Downfall. Also in 2011, Travis Barker released a solo album called Give the Drummer Some, which debuted in the Billboard 200’s Top Ten.

Because he is listed as a producer and composer on all of these projects, the drummer earns a minuscule fraction of a penny for every time someone listens to any of the tracks included on them online. For certain of these projects, he may be compensated with a fixed fee, comparable to what producers and session musicians are paid on a regular basis.


Travis Barker has also launched a number of enterprises and collaborated with some of the world’s most well-known brands while juggling his several music endeavours. As a result of all of this, he became richer and more established as a top-tier rock star.

Travis Barker established Famous Stars & Straps in 1999, at a period when Blink-182 was just beginning to gain traction. This apparel company, unlike many others founded by musicians from that era, has lasted. Even after two decades of success, the company’s resale value remains high.


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There are two record labels that Travis Barker  has started that have had some success. On LaSalle Records he released albums by his sidebands Transplants, Expensive Taste, and TRV$DJAM as well as artists like the Kinison and Prayers in 2004. The record label LaSalle Records is still in business.

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After announcing a collaborative venture with Elektra Records in 2019, his newest label DTA Records seems to have faded away. Two artists under the brand’s umbrella have already released music: Barker and emerging TikTok sensation Jxdn. Owner and creator Travis Barker is expected to get a cut of the company’s profits.

For his own line of cannabinoid-based health and wellness products, Barker Wellness, he chose the name. It’s easy to understand how sales for this relatively young enterprise may ramp up fast, given the rapid expansion of the cannabis market and the exorbitant pricing of high-end items like tinctures ($65) and hoodies ($125).