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Tower Of Fantasy- In what ways is it possible to have too much Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy: I could finally free up enough space on my phone to download an extra 5.5 GB of data for Tower of Fantasy. It took around an hour to download (half of which was downloaded via mobile data while riding the train). This prevented me from being able to access the game immediately. At first, I was surprised by the 24-hour wait time, but it only took 10 minutes before they let me into the game.

The story starts with a cutscene full of strange dialogue that doesn’t make sense. Like Genshin Impact, which many people have used as the name for the new open-world RPG, the choice of protagonist (boy or girl) is built into the cutscene itself.

When it was my turn to take control of my character for the first time, I discovered that the animations and mechanics were quite fluid. But the scenes where you could do things were interesting. In the sequence in which we battle the hound, there were additional segments of gaming intermingled throughout. Still, most of the time, we just pushed buttons.

After a little more looking around and eventually falling in love, I could (almost) fully control the game. I thought of Tower of Fantasy after the first hour of playing. (You should know that there will be a lot of references to Genshin Impact in this part, but not always in the wrong way.)

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People In The Tower Of Fantasy

You probably shouldn’t if you haven’t seen all the Tower of Fantasy memes about customizing characters. But aside from our main character, I thought the other characters were well-written, and Shirley won my heart when she greeted me when I came to my senses. Shirley, with her blonde hair in pigtails and charming clothing consisting of a denim sundress, is the type of girl the designers intended to inspire admiration. And do you realize what?

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Mee-ah, the little robot helper, is probably annoying to some people, but I thought she was charming. But the Simulacra will get the most attention. You may ask, “What is that?” So, simulacra are playable characters in Tower of Fantasy.

Simulacra aren’t real people. Instead, they are characters from the past that you can call up and act like. Simply put, they are avatars with their voice lines and stories. If you’ve ever played the Fate games, it reminds me of how Wizards can call on past heroes.

The anti-utopian future world of Tower of Fantasy is beautiful, but the world of Genshin Impact is not. I wouldn’t say it’s “dystopian,” but it has some cyberpunk elements that I find visually interesting.

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Because of its futuristic setting, the game explains how to play you. The jetpack, in contrast to the Genshin Impact gliders, is grounded in physical reality and may be utilized by anybody, whereas teleportation devices (also known as “space lifts”) have scientific justifications and are accessible to everybody.

In short, I think Fantasy Tower has a realistic side that I can appreciate. The storyline is also easy to understand. There are many unanswered questions concerning our backstory at this point, but that is all the more reason to continue playing. So far, the story is also good. I like the dialogues, but it’s annoying that you have to wait for a character to finish a sentence before you can move on to the following line.

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Combat Abilities

When it comes to fighting, characters can switch between different weapons. I like the idea, but I think switching between weapons can make the game hard to control. From what I can tell, each weapon has its type, such as Ice Shell, Flame, Bolt, or Grievous. Regular attacks already seem to be able to cause different types of reactions.

Players will also have access to an active skill with an active period. The Volt skill, which comes with the original weapon, is very similar to the Keqing skill from Genshin Impact. It was interesting that you could turn on your jetpack and attack the enemy from the air.

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Q: Is Tower of fantasy available on PC?

A: Yes, it is available on PC.

Q: Tower of fantasy is a free game?

A: It’s a free game; you can download it and play it for free

Q: Tower of fantasy is for Console?

A: No, it’s not available for Console.

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