Top 5 Successful Games that Flopped Initially

Top 5 successful Games that Flopped initially

Creating a hi-tech game is no cakewalk. A lot goes into making these complex video games to fulfill a gamer’s satisfaction. It is only normal to face problems and glitches at first and then make improvements.

It is a whole process to get a game to where it is supposed to be. Therefore, too many games failed at first when launched and are now doing great numbers.

1)Street Fighter V:

Street Fighter series was already a popular game in the market when Capcom released Street Fighter V in 2016 under its flagship.

The game was a disappointment when launched as it had a lot of glitches technically that ruined the experience for gamers to play the game.

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The downfall was met rapidly by the improvements required, and customs redesigned the storyline and added characters for players to play online for a better experience through launching updates.

Street Fighter V is officially the second best-selling game of all time, making over $6 million.

Street Fighter V


Fortnite faced a disastrous launch, leaving gamers disappointed to a level of grief. It was launched by Epic Games in 2017.

The design for the game was not enough to beat the gaming industry that already exists. They constantly made amends, like introducing Royal battle mode in the game, which didn’t quite go well.

But later on, the makers consistently worked on every aspect of the game, and updated versions along the way finally gained the attraction of more than 125 million players. It became this generation’s most successful battle royale game in less than a year.


3)No Man’s Sky:

Hello Games released No Man’s Sky in 2016 for PS and PC platforms. The gaming community was so excited about its launch as they were promised an exaggerated version of the game, which was obviously not delivered, which led to the failure of this game.

After some time of considering feedback, the Hello Games finally released the most significant version of No Man’s Sky that reached a mass audience and won them all over again.

No Man's Sky

4)Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege:

Rainbow Six Siege, is Ubisoft’s online shooting game released in 2015.

In its starting phase, the game was decently in demand, but it soon lost its charm as it lacked a storyline or, if one can say not, too much was being offered to stay interested in one game.

Ubisoft Montreal, the launcher of this game, soon appointed a team especially to concentrate only on improving the gaming experience for its gamers, and it soon worked out as the developers quickly fixed the issues lacking, and the game saw a significant hike in its users.

Rainbow Six Siege is now known to be one of the best tactical shooters in the competitive world of gaming.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

5)Final Fantasy XIV:

Square Enix launched the Final Fantasy XIV in 2010 as a massively multiplayer online role-playing game.

Initially, the game had too many glitches that made the players feel that the game was absolutely unplayable. Its technical issues led to a total shutdown.

Finally, by 2013, the game was rebuilt from scratch and fixed and revamped for its launch all over again as Final Fantasy: A Realm Reborn.

It was such a big hit in the world of gaming that it impressed the gamers and the critics and is now one of the best MMORPG’s out there.

Final Fantasy XIV

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