Top 5 Gaming Company: How they are trying to change video games

Top 5 Gaming Company

Top 5 Gaming Company: How they are trying to change video games


Sony is a multinational video game and digital entertainment which the Japanese Multinational Conglomerate wholly owns Sony. It Interactive Entertainment LLC is based in San Mateo, California, United States. Sony ruled everything from furniture in your home to video games. Sony is the largest video game company. Last year’s earnings by sony were $24.5 million. In 2020 PlayStation 5 will become popular with Next-generation.


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The largest company in the world is Microsoft. The gaming arm of Microsoft is Xbox. With Xbox, Microsoft earned about $16.3 Million. Microsoft produces computer software, personal computers, consumer electronics, and many services. Bill Gates and Paul Allen founded it. Microsoft announces 68.7 billion acquisition of Blazer activation by 2022.



Nintendo is well known for its video games globally. The Japanese company is the world’s largest company for Video game developers. Its revenue success is $15.3 billion. They produced some of the most successful consoles in the video game industry, such as the super Nintendo entertainment system, the game boy, the Nintendo DS, the Wii, and the switch. This game proved to be the best-selling video game last year.



A Chinese video company owns it. The gaming revenue of this company is$13.9 million. The flagship mobile games of this company are PUBG mobile and Honor of Kings. Its subsidiaries globally market various internet-related services and products. It is among the most significant venture capital, social media, and investment corporations.


5)Activision Blizzard

In 2008, it was founded through the merger of American Video game company Activation and Blizzard Entertainment. This company is the creator of the most famous game, Call of Duty. Last year, the company earned around $8.8 billion. This game is the blood of gamers. It is the largest gaming company in the United States and Europe in terms of market capitalization and revenue.

Activision Blizzard

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