Top 5 Fastest Pegassi Vehicle in GTA Online in 2022

Top 5 Fastest Pegassi Vehicle in GTA Online in 2022

Top 5 Fastest Pegassi Vehicle in GTA Online in 2022

1) Toreador

It is like an upgraded oppressor Mk II. Toreador has access to infinite missiles. It dominates seas. Online players driving the Toreador will never have to dwell on missile management. It can go underwater. It uses its boost ability and destroys any naval vehicle without posting to treat it.


2)Oppressor Mk II

It is one of the highest vehicles in the game, any way of class. Its small size, terrific mobility, and incredible speed seem to be on course for a motorcycle but the Oppressor Mk II takes it up. It is a weaponized flying vehicle. Thanks to its small size and excellent mobility, it was hard to hit. The terror of the skies is the simple one of the best Pegassi Vehicles in the game. It carries up to 20 missiles at any time, which is more than enough to wipe the floor with any unsuspecting player.

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Oppressor Mk II

3)Bati 801

It is an excellent choice for a player to own, as both vehicles only cost $15,000 individually, and operate at the exact time. its overall stats for great for a motorcycle, and it won’t set the player back a few million like the oppressor MK II.

Bati 801


Supercar handles superbly, which works wonderfully with its top speed of 125.50 mph. It is an excellent vehicle for players willing to spend $2,82,5000. Number Three is listed higher than the tesseract lower costs, making it available to all players.



Tempesta is the most noteworthy vehicle on its own. Its acceleration is top-notch, at a top speed of 121.25 Mph. Reasonably low price is another good quality. There are cheaper options out there. The Tempesta is the best choice for races.Tempesta

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