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Tom Hanks: His Best Films You Should See!

Tom Hanks is one of the best actors working today. Here are his 10 best flicks, in no particular order.

Only rarely in a generation does a really exceptional actor like Tom Hanks emerge. Because of his singular charm, he’s been a beloved performer for decades. His films are consistently top-notch, and he seldom makes a mediocre one.

Best Films List:

Beyond working with some of the finest directors, Hanks is noted for portraying characters who are sympathetic, appealing, and honest in their portrayals. However, Hanks has been hailed as a generous and compassionate person by those who have met him. Tom Hanks has been nominated for six Academy Awards and won two of them for his roles in Philadelphia and Forrest Gump over his long and successful acting career.

The young Tom Hanks grew up in the little town of Concord, California, where he discovered his love of acting at an early age. He continued to study acting while attending college, but he eventually had to give it up.

As an actor in New York, ally dropped out of school. Hanks made his cinematic debut in the horror picture He Knows You’re Alone when he was still playing on stage. Hanks had been in guest appearances on shows like Happy Days and Growing Pains before landing his first major role in the feature film Splash.

Throughout the years, Hanks has established himself as a leading actor, director, and producer. Prior to discussing Tom Hanks’ next projects, let’s take a look at some of his greatest work.

Tom Hanks Tom Hanks’s Best-Known Films

The Apollo 13 mission was aborted.

Ron Howard’s American space thriller tells the story of the Apollo 13 astronauts’ return to Earth after a near-death encounter. It is Jim Lovell (Hanks) who leads his team to safety after several misadventures on the spacecraft. Filming Apollo 13 was an excruciating event that stayed faithful to its characters. It is proved that the Nasa Space Program is clever and tenacious in this daring tale of adventure. This picture received nine Oscar nominations.

Toy Story 3

Woody, voiced by Tom Hanks in Pixar’s Toy Story, has entertained audiences for decades to this day. Along the way, Woody and his gang of toys have to conquer a number of obstacles and fight off several foes in order to succeed. The story of Toy Story is also one of love, friendship, and coming to terms with one’s own personal identity, all wrapped up in one charming package. In my opinion, it’s one of the most cherished Pixar films of all time, and Tom Hanks’ voice would have ruined it for me.

Catch Me If You Can

Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can tells the actual story of con artist Frank Abagnale as told in his film Catch Me If You Can (Leonardo DiCaprio). Hanks portrays FBI agent Carl Hanratty, who is on the trail of Abagnale throughout the film. Overall, the picture is a terrific dramatic thriller, and the soundtrack, actors, and director are all top-notch in their own right. As a result of their on-screen chemistry, Hanks and DiCaprio earned the film two Oscar nominations.

Tom Hanks – Captain Phillips

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Director Paul Greeengrass’ riveting picture, Captain Phillips, tells the actual story of Captain Richard Phillips (Hanks), who is taken prisoner by Somali pirates when his ship is boarded. This is a powerful and emotional representation by Hanks in the role of Phillips, a guy who managed to escape the scenario unscathed. As usual, Paul Greengrass’ direction produces a harsh, realistic drama about real-life events.

Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks – Big

This 1988 comedy centers on an eleven-year-old child who, for whatever reason, changes into an adult over the course of a single night. It’s impossible to see the movie without being moved by Tom Hanks’ portrayal of the title character. His portrayal of a small boy was so convincing that he was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Actor for his role in the film. One of Hanks’ best performances ever, Big is a sweet and funny picture.

Freen Mile

Stephen King’s iconic novel The Green Mile, which was adapted by Frank Darabont, tells the story of a magically gifted jail inmate who is wrongfully convicted of murder. Tom Hanks stars in the film as Paul Edgecomb, a prison guard who learns about Coffey’s talents and is confronted with the decision of whether or not to carry out his duties as an executioner. Hanks does a fantastic job here. Adapted on the novel by Stephen King, the film is a dramatic masterpiece.

Tom Hanks – Cast Away

An executive from FedEx (Tom Hanks) gets shipwrecked on an island in the one-man performance Cast Away. Emotion and talent from Hanks elevate the story to gigantic proportions as a survival tale of epic dimensions. It is tough for actors to carry a picture with little dialogue and no supporting cast. Robert Zemeckis’ film is a masterpiece, and Tom Hanks’ performance earned him an Oscar nomination for Best Actor.

Saving Private Ryan

During World War II, a gang of soldiers is on a mission to find Private Ryan (Matt Damon), who has been separated from his companions and is in danger of being killed. Saving Private Ryan, perhaps the finest World War II film ever made, depicts the D-Day invasion of Normandy’s assault on the beaches as one of the most realistic fighting scenes ever shot. Throughout the film, Hanks and his co-stars portray soldiers caught in the horrors of war in a brutally honest light.

Tom Hanks Net Worth

Forrest Gump

Tom Hanks was nominated for a second Academy Award for his performance in Robert Zemeckis’ Forrest Gump. Tom Hanks plays the role of Forrest Gump, a guy with a low IQ who takes us on a multi-year odyssey around the United States. To this day, admirers of the film hold it in high regard as a genuine gem. A few of the phrases are memorable, and it’s chock-full of passion and drama.

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