Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248: Did the Production Begin? More on the Release Date!

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 News: That’s what was indicated in the last chapter of Tokyo Revengers, which stated that manga production had been suspended owing to workplace issues. The manga’s office was forced to close after one of its employees became infected with the virus. No word has come of the text’s reappearance since the final chapter was published. Is there a hiatus for Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248? Has work on the script begun? Everything you need to know about the latest chapter is here.

There is currently no news on the break. Even so, the chapter will examine all of the scuffles that are taking place as the two Toman gangs continue their conflict. Mituya had to face the Haitani brothers, as Takemichi was still battling Kakucho from the previous excursion. All of this occurred without Mikey’s presence in the tale.

Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248

What Happens Next in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248?

The confrontation between the Haitani brothers and Mitsuya has sparked a social media frenzy. In addition, they’re curious to observe Senju’s confrontations with the Tokyo Manji gang members. Tokyo Revengers is likely to never see another conflict like this. As a result, the streets of supply are becoming congested. Mitsuya will charge towards the Haitani brothers in the next episode of TR. However, he will be exhausted if he has to contend with not one but two formidable foes.

As a result, it’s possible that the youngster will have some difficulties getting started. But once he gets his hands on the fight, they’ll be able to take down one of the brothers. It’s also conceivable he’ll seek assistance from a friend or family member. The last showdown between Takemichi and Kakucho will be resolved in Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248. Here’s a quick summary!

A Quick Recap!

To begin the 247th Tokyo Revengers, the two sides collided. During the fight, Sendo inquires of Chifuyu if he is doing well or not. In response, he said that his adversary was an immensely powerful person. It was at that very moment that Sendo cast a wide net and discovered that the Tokyo Manji gang was being enjoyed by everyone in every direction. He punched the other person right away. Takemichi was in charge of Kakucho here. Madarame Shion decided to take on Makoto and Takuya right here.

The chapter’s focus changes to Senju’s struggle in the midst of all the mayhem. She appeared to be having a blast wreaking havoc on Mikey’s thugs. The Haitani brothers eventually defeated Taka-chan at the end of the storey. However, Mitsuya arrived to confront these two pillars in order to revenge his buddy. He had to face them head on at the end.

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Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248: When Can You Get Your Hands On It?

There is no official announcement about the release or the postponement of the next episode. This means that the portions of the website dedicated to Tokyo Revengers Chapter 248 are based on the premise that the chapter will be released on March 30, 2022. You will be notified of any delays right here on this page. The entire manga may be found on the Kodansha website. As a result, keep an eye on The Anime Daily for additional developments.

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