To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date: *Shocking News*

To Your Eternity Season 2 : A Release Date for the second season of To Your Eternity has been set for October 2022, the fall anime season.

According to the NHK website, there will be a total of 20 episodes in the second season. Manga’s plot pace had projected that the second season would be split into two courses once more. (Please visit the manga comparison section below for further information.)

Who knows what “cour” actually means? “Cour” refers to a three-month period of television programming, which is based on the physical seasons of 10 to 13 episodes.

To Your Eternity Season 2 Release Date

To Your Eternity Season 2’s major cast and crew have yet to be disclosed.

This anime series’ first season was created by Studio Brain’s Base, the studio behind such notable anime as Durarara!!, Blood Lad!, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU, Spice and Wolf Season 2, and Crunchyroll’s In/Spectre anime (Season 2 of In/Spectre has been announced by Crunchyroll).

Masahiko Murata directed the first season of To Your Eternity. A Naruto Shippuuden movie director and an episode director of the Naruto anime TV series have both worked with him in the past. Since then, he’s directed Baby Steps seasons 1 and 2, as well as one episode of the 2020 Tower of God anime series as a principal director.

To Your Eternity Season 2 – Release Date:

The series was written by Pokémon XY&Z writer Shinzou Fujita. In the case of Naruto, character designer was none other than Koji Yabuno (Naruto Shippuden). Soundtrack composer Ryo Kawasaki (Fate/Grand Order, Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau of…

The music for the To Your Eternity Season 2 OP and ED theme songs has not yet been released.

Utada Hikaru performed and wrote the To Your Eternity OP “PINK BLOOD,” while Masashi Hamauzu developed the ED “Mediator” for the first season.

The OP and ED for To Your Eternity Part 2 (Cour 2) have not been altered in any way.

Episodes in the first season have an odd number. There will be two seasons of 20 episodes each in the first season, which will be produced and broadcast by NHK.

On July 5, 2021, a rerun of the first 12 episodes aired. To Your Eternity Episode 13 was set to premiere on July 12, 2021, as a result.

On July 5, 2021, the anime television series did not air a new episode. On July 12, 2021, To Your Eternity Episode 12 was released.

To Your Eternity Episode 20: Echoes was published on August 30, 2021, as the first season’s conclusion. Three discs of To Your Eternity Blu-ray/DVD contain all 20 episodes.

To Your Eternity 2022 teaser image added as of January 20, 2022.

Season 2 of To Your Eternity will premiere in the fall of 2022, according to a new update posted on August 30, 2021.

To Your Eternity Episode 12 will be released on July 6, 2021.

The To Your Eternity dub release date has been updated to May 27, 2021.

Every detail regarding To Your Eternity Season 2 and any relevant news is included in this post. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. In the meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at the facts.

An official release date has been set for the To Your Eternity English dub.

Crunchyroll, VRV, and Netflix Japan all have English subtitles for the first season of To Your Eternity (not Netflix U.S.).

On May 31, 2021, Crunchyroll will broadcast the To Your Eternity English dub. The cast is as follows:

The Beholder is played by Jacob Hopkins, who portrays Fushi.

Additionally, there will be Spanish, Portuguese, French, and German dubs included in the To Your Eternity dub.

The next section contains minor spoilers.

To Your Eternity Season 2

Ghosts, a heaven-like paradise, reincarnation, and legendary animals all feature prominently in the narrative. While the dwellings in Episode 1 were clearly constructed from boats, the dragon bone on the ceiling was easily ignored. There is a settlement there, but the manga’s tale tries to indicate that the nameless youngster at the beginning is one of the “people who got up there” instead.

Ooima also likened To Your Eternity to Mardock Scramble, her earlier work. For example, one of Rune Balot’s key subjects was suicidal thoughts and how to keep him away from them as well as how to save her as a homeless child prostitute.

To Your Eternity begins with the question of “getting ready for my own death,” in a similar way. Fushi begins without any feelings, which sets it apart from earlier works. “Why it’s so distressing” is because the topic is not about confronting the past, but rather “facing the future.”

It was also revealed that Ooima’s character’s sentiments reflect her own because of the stress of weekly serialisation.

The thought of dying occurs to me at least once a week,” he said. No way am I finishing this comic!” she said. “I’m at my wits’ end. “When this is done,’ or “When this is over,” I’ll die or go to the sea of trees,” I used to think, but I’ve changed my mind. Nevertheless, my life isn’t over just yet. Despite the fact that there is so much I want to do, it feels as if I’m going to die without accomplishing any of my dreams. This is really upsetting.”

As for how she came up with the concept of Fushi as a reacting ball, the author explained how she came up with it. Because the protagonist is a “kid who knows nothing,” the reader is drawn into Fushi’s journey to discover something about themselves.

After starting the series, Ooima came up with the idea of his morphing into numerous forms, although he doesn’t know where it originated from. Ufcock from Mardock Sbamle came to mind once I started sketching it.” ‘Please mention that in numerous places,’ Ubukata-san remarked when I informed him I was drawing a character who looked like Ufcock. So I just did (laughs).”

To begin with, the character of Fushi was envisioned as a female. As a result of the author’s efforts, Fushi does not feel gendered. It’s simply that I’m attracted to ladies who aren’t overtly attractive.” However, the artist also wanted to depict characters from a wide range of ethnic backgrounds.


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This guy is going to be the main character in as many manga series as I can get away with drawing him as many times as I can. For example, if I could alter the appearance of Fushi or any other characters associated with him, I could create a diverse cast of characters.

When compared to To Your Eternity Episode 1, the manga version of Fumetsu no Anata is stunning. Those who saw it as a solo short film would have hailed it as a masterpiece that explored the allure of human existence and how one prepares for death.

March, a little girl with aspirations of becoming an adult, was introduced in the following batch of episodes, which continued this emotional rollercoaster.

So, the OP video for To Your Eternity, which had an adult March for anime audiences who hadn’t read the manga, was a complete sham, right? You may even get a glimpse of Nokker Island’s undead and an older Piroan in a more youthful form, but such moments don’t reveal too much without understanding the overall plot.

The self-actualization level of Fushi by the end of To Your Eternity Episode 6 was comparable to that of a first grader. The form/memory-stealing Nokkers were revealed to the audience, although they weren’t referred to as such until Episode 10.

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Finally, the Beholder’s true motivations were exposed. “[K]nocking on the doors of paradise, seeking its destruction” is how The Beholder refers to the enemies.

There were 13 manga chapters, and the first episode was only based on the first one.

To The Ends Of The Earth The Takunaha arc, in which Gugu first appears, was the first part of the manga series’ larger plot arc to be adapted into the anime. The anime has reached the first page of Chapter 28 at the end of Episode 11.

Fortunately, because of the fast tempo, the adaptation has mainly stayed loyal to the story’s core. Some of the narration and dialogue were omitted or reduced, but for the most part, the changes were insignificant.

There was a crucial sentence in the manga that should have been included in Episode 4, but it was omitted. It was pointed out by the narrator from The Beholder that Fushi might have converted into an object without awareness (like the rock) to avoid the torture of being continually attacked, but he choose to remain in his new flesh forms.


To Your Eternity Season 2 News

Fushi and Gugu met towards the end of Episode 6, but circumstances had to be rearranged. Gugu’s past was revealed in flashback in Episode 7 since it is critical to the story’s development.

A new form of anime-originated content debuted in Episode 7. The sequence about laughing at the end of the show was an unusual touch.

Gugu’s actions were shown differently in Episode 8. Unlike in the manga, where Gugu appeared to be venting his fury on Fushi, the anime depicted him as carelessly acting.

Rean’s arm wound grew somewhat larger after Episode 9. The alteration was most likely done to make it easier to see on TV displays from a distance.

Nokkers’ motivations were explained generically in Episode 10, which was surprising given their comic moniker, which is predicated on them being beings that threaten paradise by knocking on its door.

The outstanding performance by the Japanese voice actor was one of the highlights of Episode 11. Previously, Fushi’s voice paused and utilised clipped tones, but with time, the actor’s pronunciation and articulation have improved.

During the following round of programmes, Jananda Island was introduced to the audience. For anime lovers, it’s a nice surprise that Fushi’s training for the shonen tournament didn’t go according to plan. Instead, the anime shows how pointless the tournament is for the general public, since it only serves to amuse the city’s most heinous criminals.

Tonari’s compassionate flashback was moved from Episode 14 to Episode 16, which is worth noting. As a result, anime-only fans began to view Tonari as more relatable. Knowing her past helps put her actions into perspective, therefore anime viewers probably held onto their animosity toward her for a longer period of time than manga readers did.

Episode 16 became a double whammy as a result of this modification. The anime’s depiction of Parona’s dying scene was significantly more heart-wrenching than the manga’s depiction of the same moment in Chapter 43.

As a side note, Hayase was boasting about torturing Parona in the manga, where she was forced to choose between eating her intestines or pulling off her face. Hayase “accidentally” beheaded Parona’s head when she literally peeled her face off. Simply some of what happened was depicted in the anime, whereas the manga only explained it.

In Episode 17, when Hayase tried to r*pe Fushi, the anime held back. Hayase’s scarred chest was completely seen in the manga chapter 45, however the anime cropped it.

However, the way Fushi’s “shell” was shown to suck breath and then soon die was rather terrifying. Even though it was in the manga, watching it animated brought it to a whole new level of emotional resonance.

To a large extent, the nokker animation in Episode 19 was what made it so enjoyable for manga fans.

As a result of the longer plot lines, To Your Eternity Part 2 moves at a quicker pace than its predecessor. Although Fushi encounters Tonari during the Jananda Island storyline’s 21-chapter run, the anime’s main image depicts the character.

All in all, To Your Eternity Episode 20 came to a halt at the end of Volume 6, Chapter 54, as promised.

Since the Jananda Island story arc ends with a poignant moment for Piroan’s character evolution, this is the perfect ending place. Since Chapter 55 of Volume 7 marks the beginning of the next plot arc, it was preferable that the first season of the anime come to a close in Volume 6.

The good news is that To Your Eternity Season 2 has enough of material to work with. Chapter 116 of the first saga would be an excellent place to end the second season.

To Your Eternity Season 3 would then begin adapting the Present Era, the second saga.

Spoilers for To Your Eternity: Season 2 (synopsis and plot summary) follow below.

Pyoran had died the last time the anime was shown to the public. While mourning the loss, Fushi resolved to write down the events so that he would never forget them.

A message from Pyoran says, “Fushi, what is your dream?” and he discovers it at that moment. Do whatever you want, as long as you do it as I do!

To Your Eternity Season 2 Cast

A number of years have passed, and Fushi is still solitary on the island, save for the Black Hood. Even though the phantom figure insists on making Fushi capable of reproducing any object, Fushi thinks it will take him thousands of years to do it.

In order to avoid seeing anybody else’s demise, Fushi had withdrawn into a solitary existence. For years he lived as a little marine creature, right down to its faeces.

Since so much time had gone, he wondered what had happened to his buddies. Those sentiments, however, were insufficient for him to leave the island.

While Fushi was able to defeat the Nokkers, the boy from a frozen wasteland, he decided to train his human form, which he felt most at home in. For the last 40 years, he had beaten a slew of Nokkers, yet all he had felt was boredom.

An onslaught by Nokkers is what eventually convinces Fushi to leave the island. A human-killing attack took occurred a month’s travel away from the island, not against Fushi.

On the other hand, Fushi was shocked when a young girl approached him with a group of escorts while on the island.

Hisame, the granddaughter of Hayase, was the girl’s name. She claims to be Hayase’s reincarnation and has appointed herself as Fushi’s protector against the Nokkers.

And certainly, everyone in the household is a little too fixated on the eponymous Fushi. For reasons that aren’t clear to anyone, she is clingy and always hovers about Fushi.

A night, Hisame’s arm acts as if it has its own will, and seeks to assault Fushi. Oumi, Hayase’s daughter, and Hisame, her granddaughter were all born with a Nokker core. Despite its inability to communicate, the core can comprehend Hisame’s voice and survives on her blood.

When the Nokker assault had place, Fushi and his new young Guardian went in search of the scene of the crime together. The reputation of the white-haired immortal has travelled far over the years, and Fushi immediately understands that he is renowned.

Some people seek recognition, but Fushi has a different concern. He is being targeted by a variety of people and organisations.

He meets Tonari of Jananda, who claims to be an old friend, but Fushi has no memory of them ever being friends. Because of this, Fushi feels he cannot have friends and must live alone in order to prevent facing the loss of loved ones.

Hisame and his former pals don’t get along, as predicted. Hisame explains that it was Hayase’s wish for her lineage to have children with Fushi before he moves on alone!

Fushi and Hisame, of course, have no idea where babies come from. This left Fushi a little more perplexed, as he had “slept with a lot of people” without having children while Hisame’s mother simply informed her that she must “sleep together.”

Fushi continued to kill Nokkers on a regular basis over the next few years, drifting from town to town. Finally, he comes to terms with the fact that he craves companionship or friendship on this arduous voyage.

Hisame’s own daughter Oumi and her granddaughter Ushio were among the many Hayase ancestors Fushi encountered throughout his extensive travels. Nokkers had been promised to the Guardians, but at least they delivered on their vow to discover and defeat them.

To Your Eternity Season 2 – Trailer :

Kahaku, Hayese’s sixth successor and the first male in the Guardian line, eventually bothers Fushi. The Guardians had no option but to select Kahaku because his mother died before she could give birth to a female.

Both Fushi and the Guardians have been labelled heretics by a group calling themselves the Bennett church. Fushi’s head is currently on the block because of the church’s belief that he is a demon who draws the Nokkers.

No matter what Fushi does, the menace of the Nokkers grows. Fushi has been responsible for the deaths of a large number of Nokkers over the years. As a result, the monsters have killed a great many people in faraway lands, and Fushi is deeply affected by this.

Finally, the Uralis Kingdom captures Fushi and Kahaku under the leadership of Prince “Bon” Bonchien Nicoli la Tasty Peach Uralis. Prince Bon wants to impress his father so that he may become the future king of the realm by capturing Fushi.

Fushi, on the other hand, has a new beginning thanks to this fortuitous encounter. Fushi could have easily escaped, but he allowed himself to be captured in order to gain the Prince’s favour.

After all, Prince Bon is in command of a swarm of armed forces. On top of all that, he can track Fushi wherever he goes with his supernatural ability to see the dead… Prince Bon discovers a stunning truth about Fushi after conversing with the Black Hood.

No, Fushi and Prince Bon are not taking into account the Bennett Church’s future actions. What chance do these “friends” have of joining forces against the Nokkers?