Timi Dakolo Net Worth and Estimation in 2022!

Timi Dakolo

What is Timi Dakolo net worth?

Net Worth: $2 Million
Born: January 20, 1981
Country of Origin: Nigeria
Education: University of Port Harcourt
Source of Wealth: Music, Endorsements
1st Hit Project: “West Africa Idol” 2007

Music and sponsorships are two of the most lucrative businesses in the world today.

It was the year’s first huge hit, “West Africa Idol.”

According to an old proverb, it’s better to learn how to dance in the rain than than wait for the storm to pass.

Timi Dakolo has the ability to enthuse both children and adults.

The net worth of Timi Dakolo has been made available for your consideration. Despite the odds against him, he has achieved most of his goals.

Here is Timi Dakolo’s whole bio.

When I was a kid, I had a lot of fun.

To a Nigerian father and a Ghanaian mother, Timi was born in Accra in 1981. He is the child of these two people.

Adeni Dakolo and her aunt Susan Larry reared Timi when his mother died at the age of 13 in Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

He attended primary and high school in Port Harcourt, the state capital of Rivers.

Even though he was admitted into and later graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a degree in Communication Studies, no record exists of his time there.


Timi Dakolo

As a professional musician, Timi Dakolo has amassed a sizable fortune. In spite of not being one of Nigeria’s richest musicians, Timi is a very successful and well-off musician.

Timi began singing in the church choir at the age of twelve. He was one of the original members of Purple Love when it was formed in 2003.

As the greatest in Port Harcourt, they broke up in 2005 when all of its members went to the University of Port Harcourt.

A talent contest in Port Harcourt named G.E. FACTO reportedly awarded Timi the title of winner around that period.

Calabar was the location of Dakolo’s audition for the reality programme Idols West Africa, which premiered in 2006. His voice impressed the panel of judges, and he was a serious contender for the prize.

Throughout the event, Timi Dakolo never finished lower than third place. After the competition ended, the show’s producers said that Timi had gotten the most votes in each of the three weeks of the competition.

During his time at the University of Port Harcourt, Timi was the competition’s champion in Communication Studies.

Timi Dakolo published his first EP, consisting of three songs, in October of 2009. As of 2011, “There’s a Cry” was released by him. The video was filmed in Nigeria. Timi Dakolo, a judge on The Voice Nigeria, will be on hand to provide his expertise to the competition.

These Timi Dakolo quotes will inspire you to pursue happiness: “Happiness is the ultimate success, therefore AIM for it!” Timi Dakolo sums it up this way:

Details about Timi Dakolo’s net worth and important achievements are available here.

The estimated net worth of Timi Dakolo in 2021 is $2 million. The following is a list of honours and recognitions he has received.

Best cinematography NMVA nominee in 2014; best vocal performance Headies nominee in 2014; Best Song Lyrics Nominee 2015 COSCON Award Nominee for best love song 2015 COSCON Award Nominee For R&B Artist Of The Year The 201 201 Headies Award for the best album of the year.

Highlights and Timi Dakolo Net Worth

Timi Dakolo as of 2021 is worth an estimated $2 Million dollars. Here are some of his Awards and Nominations below:

  • Nominated for the Best High-Life Video at the Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVA) – 2014
  • Nigerian Music Video Awards (NMVA) nominee for Best Cinematography – 2014
  • Best Vocal Performance at The Headies – 2014
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award nominee for R&B Artist of the Year – 2015
  • COSCON Award nominee for the Best Song in Lyrics – 2015
  • Nominee at the COSCON Award for the Best Love Song – 2015
  • The Headies Award for Best Recording of the Year – 2016
  • Best Vocal Performance (Male) at The Headies Award – 2016
  • The Headies Award for Best R&B Single – 2016
  • Nominee at the Nigeria Entertainment Award for Alternative Artist of the Year – 2016
  • City People Music Award nominee for RnB Artist of the Year – 2016
  • Nominee at the City People Music Award for RnB Artist of the Year – 2016
  • Nigeria Entertainment Award nominee for Best Song of the Year – 2016
  • Nominee at the Nigerian Entertainment Award for Inspirational Artist – 2017
  • The Entrepreneur Africa Prize for Music Business – 2019

Timi Dakolo Songs

You can download any of Timi Dakolo’s songs on any of these top music download websites in Nigeria.

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Dakolo Songs include:

  • Iyawo Mi
  • Wish Me Well
  • Great Nation
  • Love Song
  • The Woman I love
  • Medicine
  • So Beautiful (feat. Elvis Larri)
  • Send Down the Rain
  • Let It Shine
  • There’s a Cry
  • Heaven Please (feat. Mi)
  • Love of My Love
  • Medicine
  • Yes I Do
  • I Love You
  • Is It Over (feat. Joan Ekpai)
  • Raise the Roof (feat. Cobhams)
  • I Love You Remix (feat Jesse Jaggs)
  • Noise

Observations from My Own Life

Timi Dakolo would sometimes provide a hand in the sale of his grandmother’s goods. I didn’t moan about not having to pay school fees.

There were many highs and lows, but in the end, they shaped who I am today. A lot of my grandma’s sayings baffled me as a child or teenager with irrational fantasy when they came from her.

Hard work was seen as a positive quality in her eyes. She did not believe in taking the easy way out. Tenacity and drive are traits I’ve picked up from her.

It was barely a week before the Top 24 performances were set to be aired when Timi’s grandmother died away. This was a significant setback for him emotionally. It didn’t stop him from reaching the top, though, as Timi seemed undaunted by the little hurdle.

Timi Dakolo’s reign as Idols West Africa’s first winner has been marked by a string of successes.

Timi Dakolo’s Biographical Sketch:

An artist’s wife and photographer, Busola Dakolo has accused Zion pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo of sexual misconduct.

In a series of Instagram posts, her husband Timi Dakolo accused the Abuja-based pastor of routinely abusing women in the congregation.

Here is Timi Dakolo’s short financial profile.

With this information, you now know how much money Timi Dakolo is now worth. Because you want to have pleasure, you put forth a lot of effort. You’ll reap the benefits in the long term if you put out the work.

It may happen tomorrow, next year, or in 30 years. It takes time and work, but the rewards are worth the effort in the end.

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