The Wilds Season 2

The Wilds Season 2: Where Can I Get It?

The Wilds Season 2: When will they be back in the Wilds?

When it comes to original programming, few new shows in 2020 lived up to their names like Prime Video’s fantastically outlandish young-adult series The Wilds Season 2 , which follows a group of teenage girls who find themselves on a mysterious island after their plane crashes and wonder which is more difficult: living in the wild or dealing with teenage angst.

There was so much more to Season 1 than the “surreal mashup of Lost and Mean Girl,” and Season 2 is on its way!

Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger that left fans desperate for answers, so it can’t come any sooner. The Wilds Season 2 is scheduled to premiere on September 5, 2015!

The Wilds Season 2 News

Who Are the Cast Members of The Wilds Season 2?

Because of the new control group, The Wilds Season 2 will feature an all-new cast of characters. Up-and-comers like Charles Alexander, Nicholas Coombe, Zack Calderon (Instagram), Alex Fitzalan (Instagram), Miles Gutierrez-Riley, Aidan Laprete, Tanner Ray Rook, and Reed Shannon will be appearing in Season 2.

At some point in May 2021, an image of Sophia Ali, the series’ star, adding all eight actors to a message thread called “The Wilds clan,” was shared on Twitter by the official Prime Video account.

When Will The Wilds Season 2 Begin?

In the May 2021 issue of Deadline, the second season’s plot was described as follows: For The Wilds Season 2, the tragic journey of eight young girls trapped on an island under unexplained circumstances will continue to unfold.

There will also be a new group of survivors in the new season, and they’re all boys, and they’re in the same dangerous situation. In the face of their harsh conditions, both groups will have to deal with mental and physical challenges.”

The Dig Netflix: An Overview of the Cast & its Release Date

In Harris’s view, the show’s creative team is “ready and open, as we start creating the next pieces of the home, to see various things come together,” but the show’s creator Sarah Streicher has “a lot of really strong ideas.” In terms of what may happen beyond Season 2, Streicher says, “We do have distinct ideas where each female would land.”

At the Conclusion of Season 1 of the Wilds, What Will Happen?

The Wilds Season 2For those who haven’t yet watched the conclusion, we guarantee that it will shock and astound you, but we won’t provide too many spoilers here.

Leah ultimately identifies the second operative on island time. Our expectations were shattered. Then, Leah emerges from her quarantine room and discovers a camera room displaying live video of the second control group, which is all male.

Is Lost an Inspiration for the Wilds?

Although it isn’t, it isn’t a problem if you believe it is. The Wilds’ inspirations, according to Harris, who produced Sex and the City before, include Lost, Cast Away, and My So-Called Life.

I’m Eagerly Anticipating the Release!


TV series The Wilds was produced by Sarah Streicher for Amazon Prime and is an American drama streaming series. While shipwrecked on an island, a group of adolescent girls discovers they are the participants of a sociological experiment, but they do not know it.

Sophia Ali, Reign Edwards, Shannon Berry, Jenna Clause, Mia Healey, Helena Howard, Erana James, Sarah Pidgeon, David Sullivan, Troy Winbush, and Rachel Griffiths are all part of the cast of the ensemble.

There have been excellent reviews from critics for Amazon Prime Video’s debut season, which premiered on December 11, 2020. As of December 2020, the second season of the show will be broadcast on May 6, 2022.

It’s all good! Finally, a solid date for the second season of The Wilds has been set. On their Instagram, Prime Video said, “You’ve all been waiting long enough. Plan ahead: #TheWilds will return on May 6, 2022!

The Wilds Season 2 Has Yet to Have a Trailer

There hasn’t been a trailer for the second season of The Wilds as of November 2021, but we’re still hopeful that one will be released soon. The sooner we know, the better for you.

When it comes to the end of the shooting of 2021, we do know that the official Twitter account shared a preview on that day:

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