The Mandalorian 3rd season Episode 3 will drop today: See Details

The planet of Mandalore got found not to be as barren and toxic as first believed in the previous episode of The Mandalorian, which chronicled Din Djarin’s adventures there.  Episode 3 of The Mandalorian Season 3 will probably delve deeper into what this might mean for Din Djarin and Mandalorian civilization in light of the monumental revelation at the conclusion of last week’s episode.

Mando has completed his quest for redemption following The Mandalorian creed but has made more significant discoveries that promise to lead him on another adventure. The third episode of season three hints at what to anticipate from Din and Grogu moving forward.

We saw last week that Din attempted to enter The Living Waters as part of his mission to earn back the respect of The Armorer and the other Mandalorians but was instead forcibly drawn under the sea.

Bo-Katan dove in to help Din, and as she was swimming, she passed a huge unknown animal that might have been the enormous Mythosaur. From here, the next episode will start, and we can find out if the mystery undersea creature is indeed who we assume it is.

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See All Details About the 3rd Episode of The Mandalorian Season 3

Chapter 19, or Episode 3  of the series 3rd season, will premiere on March 15, Wednesday. The 56 minutes episode will only be available on the Disney+ streaming service and will debut at 12 a.m. PT or 3 a.m. ET.

After this week’s episode airs, five more episodes will be left in Season 3’s eight.

Jon Favreau and Noah Kloor wrote the episode’s script, and Lee Isaac Chung directed it. There has yet to be an episode-specific trailer for the Star Wars series.

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Even though Mandalore is in better shape than Din had predicted, no one can rule their planet since fighters get dispersed around the galaxy in many groups.

Some of them may band together during the season. Still, it remains to see whether Din Djarin, equipped with the Darksaber, will forge a united front and restore their civilization. We anticipate receiving some insights about this in the forthcoming episode.

This Wednesday, watch Disney Plus for another thrilling episode starring Din Djarin from Pedro Pascal and his charming buddy Grogu.

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