The Manager Of J Cole Left a Hint About His Next Album

The Manager Of J Cole Left a Hint About His Next Album

Rumors about J Cole, the American rapper’s upcoming album, The Fall Off, have been stoked by his manager Ibrahim “Ib” Hamad of Dreamville.

The Fall Up was the album Ib chose to watch Cole perform front-to-back on tour, and Ib’s tweet about it on Tuesday (February 7) set off a fan frenzy.

Ib didn’t have much time to catch his breath as the Dreamville faithful stifled the tweet, who also barraged him with inquiries concerning Cole’s conceivable upcoming release.

Fans clamoured for clarification on whether the upcoming album would be “It’s A Boy” or ” The Fall Off,” which Cole hinted at in a 2020 Instagram post when he initially revealed The Off-Season.

Ib didn’t provide any other information on the planned LP, but J Cole seems to be in album mode, given that he recently deleted his Instagram page. The Off-Season, the North Carolina native’s most recent album, was released in 2021.

With 282,000 first-week copies, the album—which featured performances from  Cam’ron, Lil Baby,  21 Savage, and others—gave Cole his sixth solo No. One position on the Billboard 200. It later received a Grammy Award nomination in the “Best Rap Album” category.

J Cole helped out a budding producer last month by rapping over a “J. Cole Type Beat” provided by  Bvtman, the Brooklyn beatmaker, who revealed to HipHopDX that the song got created with André 3000 in mind.

Instead of keeping “Procrastination (Broke)” hidden in his vault, Cole opted to let Bvtman release it to the public to show his gratitude for himself and other producers.

J. Cole, an American Rapper
Source: Twitter

“This song should be a permanent fixture on your channel and serve as a gratitude to you and every other producer out there creating and disseminating their work,” according to Cole. “Like me, a million other artists are currently working on something that will inspire a word, a hook, a melody, a verse, a joke, a means to vent, or a way to “cut through.”

“I was seeking for something to encourage me on a day when I was lacking motivation. I searched YouTube for “J. Cole type beat” out of curiosity. The very first I saw was yours. I hit play, concentrated, and wrote this. I generally keep stuff like this in the vault, but I no longer want to do that with the music.”

Today marks the fourth anniversary of J Cole and 21 Savage’s “Alot” music video.

Rapper 21 Savage, from Atlanta, is known for his song “A Lot.”  On December 20, 2018, the rapper uploaded the song’s audio to his YouTube channel. On January 8, 2019, it got released as the lead single from his second studio album; I Am > I Was, on rhythmic and urban current radio.

J. Cole, a rapper from North Carolina, appears on “A Lot,” although only in the streaming and digital versions, as well as later CD pressings. The music video debuted today, four years ago.

The song was well-received by critics, and Billboard ranked it the sixth-best song of the year. It was 21 Savage and J. Cole’s first Grammy victory, winning Best Rap Song at the 2020 ceremony.

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