The Los Angeles Chargers lost 22-16 to the San Francisco 49ers

The Los Angeles Chargers lost 22-16 to the San Francisco 49ers

The 5-3 Los Angeles Chargers had faced a crushing defeat, 22-16, to the 4-4 San Francisco 49ers on Sunday at Levis’ stadium. The Chargers came to this match with 4-0 ATS in their past four road games, while the Francisco had a 6-1 record in their seven previous home games.

The Los Angeles Chargers were the better group for a while Sunday night, regardless of their different injuries. The 49ers can be one of the top groups in the NFC.

The Chargers were leading until halfway through the final quarter; however, at long last, the 49ers broke through and won the match 22-16, against the Chargers, and got them north of .500. The running match-up continued to wear on the Los AngelesChargers, and the long run the dam broke.

The Match Highlights

The LA Chargers began quickly by driving 75 yards, and on their first possession, they scored on a 32-yard pass to DeAndre Carter. The Chargers fabricated a 13-3 lead halfway through the subsequent quarter.

San Francisco’s offence got around midfield. The inquiry, as usual, was whether the 49ers would punch it in. Brandon Aiyuk’s 20-yard reception took the offence to the red zone. Elijah Mitchell’s carry offended the leading down. Also, in no time, they were within the 5-yard line.

The defence took care of its business by constraining a big hit; however, Brandon Aiyuk, in the wake of enduring a hotshot from Derwin James, bumbled the ball after a 20-yard reception. The defence was in trouble as they confronted a short field from the 32-yard line. The Chargers acquired five yards on three plays before making a field goal that scored 10-3.

The two groups had punts, with straight three three-and-outs. Yet, Mitch Wishnowsky had a diverted punt, not obstructed, which implied one more short field for the safeguard. They surrendered 39 yards after Jimmie Ward surrendered a hazardous play. To be reasonable for him, Justin Herbert tossed a perfect pass.

Gazing at first and the goal from the 2, the guard didn’t move. Jimmies’ open-field tackle and Bosa’s sack helped hold the Chargers to another field goal to make the score 13-3.

The 49ers required a response, and they got one. On second and 12, afterJimmy missed Deebo’s open,9-play, 75-yard drive to George Kittle to gain 21 yards. In any case, Garoppolo compensated for it with one on the off chance that not his best toss of the time to McCloud down the right sideline for an increase of 33 points. Garoppolo covered the drive off with a one-yard quarterback.

Before half-time, the defence surrendered a field objective after Herbert utilized his legs on different plays.

San Francisco confronted a third and 9 with a little more than four minutes left in the game. It was a primary down, and Garoppolo tossed a dart beyond the numbers to Aiyuk to get 11 yards for a first down.

Mitch Wishnowsky stuck the Chargers after a punt at the one-yard line with just two minutes to play. The Chargers came to the 8-yard line, chose to let it all out on fourth and 2, and Jordan Willis got strained to impact Herbert’s toss.

The San Francisco played with an alternate degree of fierceness and viciousness defensively. This half, they pitched a shoutout. The 49ers team are a pleasant unit to watch.

Offensively, the Los Angeles Chargers had a 32% achievement rate, a 22 rate percentage lower than the San Francisco 49ers. Fittingly, Talanoa Hufanga captured the match, and finally, the 49ers defeated the Chargers 22-16.

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