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The Lincoln Lawyer season 2- Release Date, Cast, and More!

The Lincoln Lawyer season 2: Legal crime dramas have been a longtime favorite genre among users of Netflix all over the world, from Suits to How to Get Away With Murder, and it appears that there will soon be a new program joining that specific hall of fame: The Lincoln Lawyer season 2 will be joining that specific hall of fame.

It was a huge hit with Netflix subscribers when it was originally made available on the site in May of 2022. A total of 260.53 million hours had been viewed by the end of June 5th, making it the most-watched show on the streaming site.

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The Lincoln Lawyer Season 1 In A Nutshell:

Matthew McConaughey portrays the affable defense attorney Mick Haller, who drives about in his Lincoln Continental while conducting business from the passenger seat. Mick is taken aback when he learns he would be defending a playboy from Beverly Hills(Ryan Phillippe), who is suspected of attempting to murder someone.

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Mick has a case of a lifetime to look forward to. After spending so much time representing those on the margins of society, it comes as quite a surprise when Mick accepts this case that will change the course of his career. This seemingly basic case with the potential for substantial financial gain, however, turns out to be considerably more sinister than Mick could have imagined.

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Confirmed?

Yes! On June 14th, 2022, Netflix announced that the program would get an official second season of episodes to stream on their platform. The Fifth Witness is the title of the fourth book in the Lincoln Lawyer series, which Michael Connelly authored.

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According to The Hollywood Reporter, the next season will consist of another ten episodes based on the novel. (The second novel, which was made into the show’s first season and given the title The Brass Verdict, was based on the events in the first novel.)

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Who To Expect To Return As The Star Cast This Season?

According to our expectations, the original cast of The Lincoln Lawyer’s first season should all be back for the show’s upcoming second season. Neve Campbell will play Maggie McPherson, while Jazz Raycole will take on the part of Izzy. Manuel Garcia- Rulfo will play the character of Mickey Haller in this production.

What Can The Upcoming Season Be About?

The following is an extract from the summary of the fourth book that you can find on book was the primary source of inspiration for the show’s second season: Even if the crime is one of the few activities that is still profitable in these difficult times, even criminals are being forced to make sacrifices.

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For defense attorney Mickey Haller, most of his new business is not about keeping people out of jail; instead, it is about ensuring that they continue to have a roof over their heads despite the rapid growth of the foreclosure industry.

For the past eight months, Mickey has been acting as a legal representative for Lisa Trammel. Throughout that time, he has successfully prevented the bank from foreclosing on her home. The investigation into the death continues.


There is not yet a preview trailer available for viewing at this time.


Q: Where to watch Lincoln Lawyer?

A: Lincoln Lawyer is available to watch on Netflix online.

Q: How many episodes do we have in Lincoln Lawyer season 1?

A: There’s a total of 10 episodes of the show.

Q: Will there be a season 2 for Lincoln Lawyer?

A: Season 2 of The Lincoln Lawyer was officially announced by Netflix in June 2022.

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