The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2

The Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: Everything We Know So Far!

Lincoln Lawyer Season 2: The television series Lincoln Lawyer is an American legal drama based on a 2008 novel by Michael Connelly,’ The Brass Verdict.’

The Lincoln Lawyer revolves around a celebrated defense attorney Michael Haller, whose luck has been on the downside after an almost fatal surfing accident.

To numb his severe pain, he takes to pill addiction.

A colleague of his, due to his sudden demise, leaves his practice to Michael Haller; he honors his deceased colleague’s last wish.

Haller is handed over a high-profile murder trial of a CEO’s wife & lover; this case is the only thing that can save his practice and bring his life back in control.

His ex-wife and legal aide, Lorna, and her partner, Cisco, who is also Haller’s private investigator, form a team.

Haller operates from his office, which happens to be on the road; driving around in his car makes him think better.Lincoln Lawyer SEASON 2

In creating Connelly’s story for a television series, the makers took the help of fast-paced action, cliffhanger storytelling & suspense at the end of every episode.   

The show has all the ingredients of a good drama, a mysterious death; a high-society murder trial makes for an engaging courtroom drama.

In addition, there is drama in Haller’s personal life due to his two ex-wives.

He also has a daughter Haley from his first wife.

Haller is brilliant; we see an example of his intelligence in the Izzy Letts case, where he gets her off a grand theft auto charge for nothing because he believes she can do better.

One of Haller’s past cases still haunts him, as his client got wrongfully convicted, and he is trying to get them out along with a completely separate issue involving Maggie & a human trafficking case.

Outside the courtroom, there are crooked cops, a different FBI thread that may or may not is linked to the high-profile case, Jerry’s murder, and some other random court cases to show off Haller’s brilliance.

The show jumps between different storylines, and half of them feel under-developed.


There is a fair amount of comparison between the film and series.

Haller, played by Matthew McConaughey in the movie, and Rulfo in the series did a fantastic job as Haller, especially after having such a tough act to follow.

Matthew’s Haller act was a shade darker, dirtier & no moral compass, whereas Rulfo was charismatic, measured & much likable than Haller.

The world of Haller was grittier & dirtier, which matched the tone of the plot better.

The depiction of violence & Mickey Haller’s obsession with being paid was much more aggressive.

The Haller in the series seemed more toned down, and he had a moral compass and was very aware of right and wrong.

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Lincoln Lawyer SEASON 2:

Fans who have binged watched season 1 are eagerly waiting for season two.

The program has not yet been renewed.

Production for season two might resume later this year if the renewal comes.

The likely release date for season two is late 2023 or early 2024.

The storyline for season two depends on the case that the series would focus on and which of the Lincoln Lawyer novels the writers would choose.


Q:Is The Lincoln Lawyer related to Bosch?   

 A: The Lincoln Lawyer’s television series is based on The Brass Verdict, Michael Connelly’s second novel; Mickey Haller is Bosch’s half-brother. They both are sons of J. Michael Haller, the attorney.  

Q:Who killed Jerry in Lincoln Lawyer?   

A: Sweeney is behind Jerry’s death; Mary Holder, the Judge, hired Trevor. When Jerry got to know this information, the Judge had him killed.   

 Q: What happens at the end of Lincoln Lawyer?   

A: Mickey successfully gets Jesus Menendez out of jail; he never warns his first wife, Maggie, that an essential piece of evidence that ties Soto to murder will get disgraced publicly. While Haller is enjoying his big win, his win costs him his love interest’s big case.   

Q: Is Lincoln Lawyer based on a book?   

A: The series is based on a second novel, The Brass Verdict; the Netflix iteration of The Lincoln Lawyer sees Mickey thrust into the spotlight when given a high-profile double murder case.   

Q: How many episodes are there in Lincoln Lawyer season 1?   

 A: There are ten episodes in total for season one of Lincoln Lawyer.   

Q:Is Mickey Haller in the Bosch TV series?   

A: Mickey Haller does not appear in Amazon’s Bosch or its spin-off series Bosch: Legacy, but the role of Bosch’s narrative of the Lincoln Lawyer as it adapts Michael Connelley’s novel has been replaced with other characters in the series.

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