The exit of Olivia from Love Island pleases the fans

The exit of Olivia from Love Island pleases the fans

On Wednesday night (March 1), when host Maya Jama revealed that Olivia and Maxwell had got booted from the island, Love Island viewers were ecstatic.

The Islanders had been invited to the annual Beach Club celebration earlier. Yet, in keeping with Love Island lore, there was big news to come, as Maya Jama paid a surprise visit to make the announcement.

The host then informed the islanders that the people who had just left would get to decide who would depart next, which rapidly converted their joy into shock.

Olivia’s longtime reputation as the program’s “villain” had viewers eagerly anticipating her departure.

Sarah and Maxwell, who had just become engaged, were fired from the show because they received the fewest viewer votes.

When asked how they felt about leaving, Olivia responded: “Certainly, it’s sad to leave these people.”

“In spite of everything, I’m happy to be leaving with him since I found what I was looking for.”

Fans expected them to make their long-awaited leave, but they received a surprise decision.

They must now choose which two other islanders will accompany them out the door in an unprecedented plot twist.

They chose Tanya and Shaq, Rosie and Casey, and Claudia and Keanen, who garnered the least public votes.

Olivia and Maxwell
Source: Twitter

Maya Jama entered the Villa and broke up the Islanders’ happy gathering at the beach club.

Due to a public vote for the most suitable couples, four couples learned they were in danger of breaking up.

The endangered couples were

  • Shaq Muhammad and Tanya Manhenga,
  • Claudia Fogarty and Keanan Brand,
  • Maxwell Samuda and Olivia Hawkins,
  • Casey O’Gorman and Rosie Seabrook,
  • and Shaq Muhammad and Claudia Fogarty

The Islanders knew one couple would go immediately, but nobody anticipated Maya’s surprise.

Maya then disclosed that other couples were leaving the resort in addition to Olivia and Maxwell.

Fans must tune Love Island on Thursday night to learn who Olivia and Maxwell choose to oust from the Villa following Wednesday night’s cliffhanger.

It comes after Jessie called Olivia out earlier in the episode for going “behind her back” and calling her “fake,” which pleased the fans.

Olivia Hawkins
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Once Casey confronted friends Will and Tom, the Australian beauty voiced her thoughts. That is when everything began.

Jessie soon encountered the anger of the islanders, who began calling her a “fake.”

Olivia voiced her opinion by informing the girls that she didn’t think all of Jessie’s acts were “genuine.”

Claudia and Samie then pulled Jessie aside to explain what had been said while standing up for their girl.

Then, enraged, Jessie moved forward to Olivia to confront her.

The drama from yesterday night’s show continued right where it left off in tonight’s program, with Will vowing to find out who had made the initial claim.

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