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The Dig Netflix: An Overview of the Cast & its Release Date

The Dig News: Ralph Fiennes and Carey Mulligan will feature in Netflix’s hotly anticipated new thriller, The Dig premieres in January. The cast of the three-act drama will be comprised of a select group of actors and will tell the story of the 1939 discovery of an Anglo-Saxon entombment shipment at Sutton Hoo.

What’s the latest on The Dig Netflix’s Release Date?

The Dig

On Friday, January 15, the film had a limited theatrical release and will be available on Netflix on Friday, January 29.

In what way is the Story being depicted?

During World War II, Basil Brown, a self-taught classicist, unearths an ancient hill on the Suffolk estate of Edith Pretty, a wealthy heiress who had recently died.

Basil unearths a seventh-century burial conveyance, which Basil believes to be the grave of King Raedwald of East Anglia, and the two are overjoyed. Researchers from the British Museum, driven by Charles Phillips, attempted to take control of the site after learning of their whereabouts.

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They discovered a vast amount of costly adornments, including a sword and a famed protective cap when Edith Pretty requested that Basil be allowed to remain and aid with their job.

One of the most significant discoveries of the Dark Ages was found on British territory, and it completely transformed the way historians viewed the period.

Even while it was Mrs Pretty and Basil who formed a special bond during the expedition, they weren’t the only ones to do so, and a love storey between Peggy Piggott, a married classical scholar, and Edith’s cousin Rory Lomax also emerges…

The Dig’s Play Roles: Who’s in the Cast

Carey Mulligan and Ralph Fiennes (Schindler’s List, Harry Potter films) star in the cinematic adaptation of John Preston’s 2007 novel (Collateral and The Great Gatsby).

Downton Abbey’s Lily James and The Hobbit actor Ken Stott appear in the British Museum palaeontology group, Charles Phillips and Peggy Piggott, respectively.

Peggy’s better half Stuart Piggott is played by Ben Chaplin from Apple Tree Yard, while Edith’s nephew Rory Lomax, played by Johnny Flynn from both Stardust and Vanity Fair, arrives to the house to help with the excavation.

To complete the cast, Monica Dolan (W1A) was chosen as May Brown, Basil’s long-term girlfriend.

Who Is in the Cast for ‘The Dig’ (2021)?

This world is full of wonderful people! assuming greater responsibility,

  • Edith Pretty (Carey Mulligan)
  • Benedict Cumberbatch’s Basil Brown
  • Peggy Piggott, played by Lily James
  • Rory Lomax (Johnny Flynn) in the film
  • Stuart Piggott was played by Ben Chaplin.
  • Charles Phillips, played by Ken Stott
  • Robbie Pretty, played by Archie Barnes,
  • May Brown, Monica Dolan
  • William Grimes (Arsher Ali) in the role
  • the wonderful John Brailsford, played by none other than Eamon Farren
  • A reimagining of Amelia by Amelia Stephenson

The Dig Review


On location in Shackleton, Surrey, a few topographical setting photos were captured near the Sutton Hoo burial site in Suffolk. However, most pictures were captured on location there. Parts of the wharf, prom, and a car exit were placed out of reach so that the scenes could go on, which generated a lot of interest from the people of Comer.

Chris Bibbey, a guest at the Red Lion Hotel in Braintree last year, witnessed some of the action. There were 35 extra pieces in their nice, 1930s ensembles, and they were clearly going to rush off into the water. There are at least 30 carts in this area. After debuting as the third-most viewed film of the week, the picture finished seventh in the next two weeks.

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