the Council of Europe recalls the “obligations” of member states in terms of reception –

.com with AFP | 11:25 – August 30, 2021

The Council of Europe on Monday (August 30th) reminded its 47 member states of their “obligations” in terms of welcoming people fleeing Afghanistan, stressing the “individual and collective capacity” of states to ensure their protection.

“Member States should formally commit to managing the arrival of people fleeing the horrific situation in Afghanistan, in accordance with their human rights obligations,” said the Commissioner for Human Rights in a public statement. the man from the Council of Europe, Dunja Mijatovic. “The arrival of Afghans claiming their protection can be a challenge, but it must be met in accordance with existing human rights principles, and not be taken as an opportunity to further erode the protection system in Europe. She added.

Dunja Mijatovic called on states to take three steps: speed up and scale up preparations for the arrival of asylum seekers; ensure that the fight against illegal immigration does not come at the expense of human rights; and end the return procedures to Afghanistan.

“Council of Europe member states, many of which have been active in Afghanistan for the past 20 years, not only have a moral and legal imperative to welcome Afghans seeking protection, but they also have the capacity to do so” , concluded Dunja Mijatovic. “Decisions which will undermine human rights, far from being inevitable, will therefore be the result of a lack of political courage.”

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