The Apprentice: Emma Browne got eliminated in the 17th series

The Apprentice: Emma Browne got eliminated in the 17th series

The Apprentice, a business-oriented reality shows’ contestant Emma Browne, became the first 17th series competitor to get eliminated following a difficult challenge in the picturesque Caribbean islands.

The 18 contenders for this year were welcomed by Karren Brady, Lord Sugar, and Brady’s assistants Claude Littner, during tonight’s (January 5) premiere.

During the first task involving the rivals in Antigua planning and marketing tours to tourists, the senior account executive, 35, found herself at odds with her colleagues.

Emma Browne got instructions to leave at the episode’s ending and leave the opportunity to work with Lord Sugar behind. How did we get here, though? Like one does via Antigua.

Karren Brady,  Lord Sugar, and Brady's assistants Claude Littner on The Apprentice
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The First task of season 17 of the BBC’s show The Apprentice

The primary task for this season was to revive island tourism in light of the removal of Covid-19 travel restrictions.

The candidates were split into two teams to pursue their work on a customized tour: a group of women, led by Victoria Goulbourne, a flight attendant, and a team of males, led by Joseph Phillips, a safari guide. As usual, the winning team would be the one making the most money.

The men chose a history tour, desserts, and rum tasting for $150, while the women chose a catamaran sail and a pottery class for $135.

The men's team of The Apprentice, season 17.
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The teams tried to attract buyers on the first day, lowering the price drastically to move those popular tickets.

The women placed only 12 after needing help locating potential purchasers at Pigeon’s Point Beach, while the males could sell all 16 of them. Due to the location, the girls argued over who had decided to go to the beach instead of a busier area.

The groups conducted their excursions on day two. Karen was impressed by Gregory Ebbs’ knowledge of Antiguan history, which he used to rescue the day because most men needed better equipped to provide it. The women also tried to increase sales of their handcrafted ceramics and beach-themed photos.

The candidates and Sugar convened in the boardroom following their trip to Antigua to make a choice.

The men’s team made twice as much money in the end ($989) as the girls ($487.50). So at least one of the women was going home.

Why did Emma Browne get rejected by Alan Sugar?

Emma Browne, the eliminated contestant of The apprentice
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After an argument, Lord Sugar had to select who would be eliminated from the competition. Project manager Victoria, senior account executive Emma Brown, accused of arguing over the venue, and court advocate Marnie Swindells, who was in charge of ticket sales, were the three options.

Lord Sugar agreed with Victoria,  Marnie, and Lord Sugar that Emma ought to be sacked. The other two ladies joined their other competitors at the house, but Emma was sent home for upsetting the squad’s balance.

She stated that she received the most sales,” when asked about her exit.

I was right when I claimed the beach wasn’t nice. It was noted and underlined that I added a lot of enthusiasm to the girl’s team. I’m very upbeat, and I kept that attitude throughout.”

Emma, although being the first out, has no regrets about her brief tenure, but she still wishes she hadn’t been.

“I don’t regret to do it at all,” she continued.

If you want to go for it, I believe you should go all in. I put myself up, and someone had to be eliminated, so I’m not going to be a bitter loser. I don’t find it painful. I invested a lot of time in a business strategy that, if it weren’t for The Apprentice, I probably wouldn’t have spent as much time on.”

I have no regrets about my choice. However, I do regret taking the lead.”

The Apprentice will be back on BBC One next Thursday at 9 p.m.

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