Taeyang will drop a single, 'VIBE,' featuring BTS's Jimin, on Jan 13

Taeyang will drop a single, ‘VIBE,’ featuring BTS’s Jimin, on Jan 13

Taeyang from BIGBANG will drop a new single, ‘VIBE,’ featuring BTS’ Jimin, on January 13, 2023, at 2 P.M. KST. fans get excited with the news.

Big Bang’s Taeyang left YG Entertainment and started promoting under The Black Label, the company stated on December 26.

The Black Label, meanwhile, split from YG Entertainment in 2020 but retains a 30% ownership stake. Jeon So Mi and other artists currently reside at The Black Label.

Now Taeyang is going to release his new single with The Black Label.

Taeyang's new single, 'VIBE'
Source: Twitter

The new teaser, posted on January 4 by Taeyang’s management company THEBLACKLABEL, revealed that Taeyang would release his brand-new digital single, “VIBE,” with BTS’ Jimin on January 13, 2023, at 2 p.m. KST.

The most recent teaser image shows Taeyang and Jimin posing side by side with ferocious gazes and explosive chemistry. The fact that this will be Taeyang’s first solo release in six years adds to the excitement for his forthcoming collaboration with Jimin.

A Collaboration Between Taeyang & Jimin

That is Taeyang’s debut solo release under the YG Entertainment-affiliated label The Black Label. Taeyang will now fall under the new agency, but that announcement made it the final week of December 2022. Meanwhile, this is Jimin’s first cooperation following the group’s announcement that they will concentrate on separate projects until the group reconvenes in 2025.


Jimin from BTS and Taeyang from BIGBANG have teamed up in a way no one would have predicted. However, industry insiders claimed in December 2022 that the two were collaborating on a release that would soon be made public. Taeyang’s former agency, YG Entertainment, which he has since left, stated that they could not confirm anything then and urged fans to keep an eye out for Taeyang’s activities.

Taeyang, who is now an unsigned free agent and still associated with YG Entertainment for all BIGBANG-related content, gave a rare update on his Instagram account on January 1, 2023. The hashtag #2023 was used as the caption for two pictures. Two individuals were visible in the black-and-white images, facing away from the camera. One was immediately recognized as Taeyang, while the other was untagged.

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