T-Pain performs the Black Sabbath classic "War Pigs"

T-Pain performs the Black Sabbath classic “War Pigs”

English rock band Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs” is covered by American rapper & singer T-Pain, which is impressive to stream.

It’s become so regular for musicians to release covers that we’re practically numb to it. But it’s exciting when a musician completely deviates from their genre to record something unexpected.

On Top of the Covers, a new covers album by rapper T-Pain is now available through Nappy Boy Entertainment.  “A Change Is Gonna Come”  by Sam Cookie, “Don’t Stop Believin”  by Journey, and  “Stay With Me” by Sam Smith are just a few of the exciting artists and songs on the album.

The iconic “War Pigs” by the English band Black Sabbath was also gets covered by T-Pain. He gives the song credit, delivering passionate performances of its iconic melody. Although the rapper is renowned for his Auto-Tune vocals, he has a powerful singing voice.

Black Sabbath, a  metal band from England, recorded “War Pigs” as a protest song against war in 1970. It’s the first song on the group’s second studio album, 1970’s Paranoid.

“War Pigs” was initially called “Walpurgis,” a reference to the witches sabbath.

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T-Pain has established himself as a creative force in his illustrious career, as evidenced by the success of his most recent album, “On Top of the Covers.” The executive of  Nappy Boy Entertainment used his most recent endeavor to remind himself how he has fallen in love with music over the years now that he is entirely independent.

T-Pain showcases his incredible talent on the Seven-track album by performing covers of well-known songs from different genres and generations. These include  Frank Sinatra’s “That Is Life,” Sam Cooke’s “A Change Is Gonna Come,” and even the classic rock song “War Pigs,” originally made famous by  Black Sabbath from Ozzy Osbourne.

T-Pain returned with On Top of the Covers, a highly anticipated effort on which he displays his inherent singing voice, years after releasing his sixth studio album. The Grammy-winning musician claimed that he started working on the project as soon as he took home the title of The Masked Singer in 2019.

The 7-track album"On Top of the Covers," by T-Pain 
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The 38-year-old artist from Florida published many humorous promotional videos on social media, noting in one that the project was “influenced by music written by white folks.”

According to T-Pain in a press release, “Each of these tracks  has a special meaning for me and has played a part in my love for music at various stages in my life.”

Could T-next Pain’s project be a partnership with GWAR? The metal band recently expressed their desire to collaborate with the rapper to Heavy Consequence, but only time will tell if this wish comes true.

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