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Streets of New Capenna News: The Gathering set will be published in 2022. Set in a new location and on an unspecified aircraft, it will transfer us to the grungy alleyways and glitzy locations of the city’s name. You’ll notice a lot of art deco architecture, film noir aesthetics, and a scattering of demonic monsters, but there’s a weird dearth of angels.

We already have a lot of information about Streets of New Capenna thanks to leaks and spoilers as the release date approaches. We know the storey takes place in an angel-built metropolis where five demon criminal families are battling it out for control of the streets. In addition to Elspeth Tirel, a Planeswalker, and the demon Ob Nixilis, it appears that the criminals have ties to the city.

The Streets of New Capenna: A Complete Guide is Here! To get a more detailed look at the upcoming year, check out our Magic the Gathering 2022 release calendar or discover what we know about Dominaria United if you’ve already toured the city’s streets. Brace yourself for the life of crime as you join the ranks.

In addition to the release date of Streets of New Capenna, let’s examine how Wizards of the Coast has modified the way it releases games.

Release Date for “Streets of New Capenna.”

We now have an exact release date for Magic: The Gathering’s Streets of New Capenna. When is the correct word to use. Wizards of the Coast has drastically altered the frequency with which this set is released, which has some fans ecstatic.

Streets of New Capenna

The official debut of Streets of New Capenna is set for Friday, April 29th. Because the set is still due out on Friday, you may believe nothing has changed. However, that is not where the change is. At this point, the set will be available for purchase on MTG Arena, as well.

Right on, the digital platform will no longer be given early access to new content As far as we can, we’re going backwards. But we’re doing it in the greatest way we can. Streets of New Capenna will not be playable prior to its official release.

A lot of people were upset because new sets were accessible on MTG Arena 24 hours before they were made available in any physical form, including paper. It was an opportunity for those who wished to grow better at prerelease events to familiarise themselves with and hone their skills with the equipment before the rest of the public. Also, it diverted focus away from paper Magic, something many players were not happy with.

After one week, the pre-release will still go place on April 22nd. New Capenna, according to the web publication that made these claims, is a brand-new plane in the world of Magic. We also learnt that Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate will be released on Friday, June 10.

Streets of New Capenna Trailer:

Views From the Roads in New Capenna New Capenna criminal gangs have gotten into a fight with the demon Planeswalker Ob Nixilis, who will be featured prominently in the set when it is released. “Adversary” is referred to as such by criminal lords in the first chapter of Streets of New Capenna It’s quite obvious that they’re referring to an older Nix here.

Elspeth Tirel, a character who appears in the Streets of New Capenna storey, is said to hold a special place in her heart for the city of New Capenna. Another example of someone who doesn’t fit in with the urban dwellers in this category is Vivien Reid.

Before meeting the Praetor Urabrask, Vivien must track down the villain Tezzeret and bring him to justice. It’s terrible news for Wizards now that we know she’s not scared to kill Planeswalkers. Urabrask, on the other hand, is thought to be ideal for a Phyrexian.

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This suggests that we may expect to see Elspeth, Ob Nixilis, and Vivien on new Planeswalker cards in the Streets of New Capenna expansion. Tezzeret is still another option. Tezzeret, the Betrayer of Flesh, is more likely to be the man in the hood.

The Phyrexian Praetors, Magic’s latest villains, have appeared one by one in recent sets. A Urabrask monster card is likely to be included in the set. Since Urabrask the Hidden was released in 2011, this is the first new card for this character. Phyrexian creatures have appeared in Magic three times since early 2021.


Wizards has given us a taste of what we may expect from Streets of New Capenna until complete spoilers are released on April 7. Our MTG Weekly webcast on March 3 included many Streets of New Capenna tidbits, like as a new enchantment card, Brokers Ascendancy, and full-art land cards. It was also revealed on March 28 that the Instant spell Maestros Charm was a spoiler.

They begin by describing the city of New Capenna and highlighting the art-deco design of the set. Every single one of them is covered in gold panels with geometric lines, gleaming glass, or even hard concrete. This appears to be an urban setting like Ravnica, since there are no classic islands, plains or swamps; instead, waterfronts, stations and sewers are present.

Streets of New Capenna News

On to the five triomes: these three-colored territories represent the five New Capenna-based criminal organisations (more on them below). This includes Xander’s Lounge, which is a special place for Maestros, as well as Raffine’s Tower, which is a special place for Obscura. All depict the demonic head of the family, as you can see.

Lastly, there’s the Brokers Ascendancy, an enchantment card for the Brokers family, a particularly nefarious legal team. Enchantments from the ‘Ascendancy’ genre were previously seen in the 2014 box set Khans of Tarkir, which had factions based on three colours, similar to those found in Streets of New Capenna. Most likely, the other four factions in New Capenna will also encounter “Ascendancies.” Take a look at the card’s cubist “Golden Age” design. More of those would be greatly appreciated.


On the 28th of March, Maestros Charm was officially launched. This spell has three separate effects that may be activated instantly. Magic the Gathering features a slew of various factions represented by a variety of charm cards. It is almost probable that there will be one for each side, meaning that Streets of New Capenna will contain a cycle of rare Ascendancy and common Charm cards.

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