Stray Kids steps in 2023 with two albums, collab, Rachalog & more

Stray Kids steps in 2023 with two albums, collab, Rachalog & more

Stray Kids, the South Korean Boy Band, is ready to make a rocking new year (2023) with their upcoming two albums, Racha Logs, a collab & more.

STAYs received a New Year’s gift from the triple-million-selling Stray Kids when they posted their Step Out 2023, an annual teaser that teases the group’s major events for the following year.

On January 1st, 2023, the Step Out 2023 video was posted online. The video’s aesthetic, production, activity rewind, and forthcoming events highlighted the group’s exceptional achievement in 2022.

In keeping with tradition, Felix from Stray Kids provided the voiceover for the Step Out 2023 video this year. The Step Out series distinguishes the MANIAC group from other idol groups since it gives fans a sneak peek at big things they can look forward to in the coming year.

The video’s opening listed Stray Kids’ objectives for 2022, including the revival of 2Kids Room, the release of two albums, the second world tour, and reality TV, among other things.

The Upcoming albums & collabs by Stray Kids in 2023

The new year will also be a pleasure for STAYs. Stray Kids will put out two CDs, hold their third fan gathering, participate in Step Out 2023, and perform at a special concert. The eagerly anticipated SKZFLIX hinted at in the Step Out video from the previous year will also be released. But the date has been moved forward to 2023.

People are particularly thrilled about Rachalog 2023, a new television series that will debut. The 3Racha (  Changbin, Bang Chan, and HAN), Danceracha ( Hyunjin, Lee Know, and Felix), and Vocalracha are expected to produce these vlogs, according to fans (Seungmin, I.N). Consider aloud what this series might cover, such as a behind-the-scenes production vlog, to allow STAYs’ imaginations to run wild.

A season song and a 2Kids Show are also included in Step Out 2023. In the popular series Stray Kids’ 2Kids Room, each cast member teamed up with another to discuss issues in a room. 2Kids Show is an improved rendition of the same.

A Christmas-themed album by the MANIAC ensemble, which featured songs like Christmas Eve and 24 to 25, was published in November last year. Both STAYs and non-STAYs gave the music a positive response. The 2023 season song announcement has already raised the bar for the fanbase.

Step Out 2023 by Stray Kids has sparked a ferocious reaction from the fanbase. After anxiously awaiting the film for a few days, STAYs showered the group with praise for their dedication when it was finally released.

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