Steven McBee

Steven McBee Net Worth: Everything You Need to Know About his Career, Personal Life.

Owner and president of McBee Farm & Cattle Company, Steven McBee, has an estimated $1 million in wealth. In the United States, he is a prominent business and media personality. For Richer or Poorer, a FOX show, he is also a featured guest star.

What is Steven McBee’s Net Worth?

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Bussinesman
Age: 27 Years Old
Country: United States
Born: 1994
Salary: $250 Thousand

Introduction: Steven McBee

Steven McBee was born in Independence, Missouri, in 1994 to Steve Sr. and Kristi Leigh. Additionally, he has three siblings: Cole and Jesse, both of whom have been given names, and an unknown third. According to McBee, he and his family do have close ties. His brother Jesse, called “little Brosky,” serves as his co-pilot on his global travels and plundering. When it comes to McBee, he’s all about his mother.

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Independence, Missouri, Missouri’s fifth-largest city, is where he and his family grew up, just outside Kansas City. It’s a little community in Gallatin, Missouri, where he now resides. McBee attended Fort Osage High School in his hometown.

Moreover, Steven has a helicopter of his own. He said that he likes flying about in his helicopter to keep an eye on the farm’s animals.

Career: Steven McBee

The man behind the character, in reality, is an American horticulturist and business visionary who owns large tracts of horticultural property and works with his firm on cutting-edge technologies to better horticulture. Steven McBee’s family owns Career McBee Farm & Cattle Company, a farming and ranching business. In Missouri, McBee, a self-proclaimed cowboy, owns a swath of land, animals, farms, and other agricultural holdings. Aside from owning a few local car washes, his family also offers guided hunts and hunting gear.

McBee has been added to “Joe Millionaire: For Richer or Poorer,” a Fox dating game show. Steven doesn’t know anything about the show’s history. He had no idea how a reality program worked when cast on the show. Before his real-life on-screen experience, he assumed that everything he saw on a reality show was fake. The on-screen connection and sentiments were accurate when he experienced his own experiences.

Steven McBee

In Joe Billionaire: For Richer or Poorer, two millionaire bachelors compete for the attention of a group of female viewers. Steven, one half of the show’s co-hosting duo alongside Kurt Sowers, is a hot commodity. Just one of the two single guys is a millionaire adds intrigue to the story.

Social Networks

Steven has been posting many Joe Millionaire content on his official Instagram account. @stevenmcbee is his Instagram handle. 43.4 million people follow him on his official Instagram account. In late 2021, he created a Twitter account. As of right now, he has a little more than 4,000 followers on social media.


Steven McBee is expected to have a net worth of $1 million by 2022. The majority of his wealth comes from his family’s large-scale farming company, including commercial real estate and car wash locations in Kansas City.

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