Spain and Morocco block the entry of 350 sub-Saharans in Melilla –

.com | 9:10 am – August 29, 2021

Spanish and Moroccan security forces prevented in the early hours of Saturday the attempted irregular entry of 350 sub-Saharan migrants into Melilla through the border that separates the Spanish city from the Moroccan city of Beni-Enzar.

As a spokesperson for the city authorities told Europa Press, “At 5.35 am, Moroccan forces reported the presence of a group of about 350 sub-Saharan Africans near Beni Enzar, the forces of the Spanish order moved to the effective area of ​​the anti-intrusion device which was active all night ”.

This attempt to enter along a quay of the port marking the border, and in which a “group of 350 people” participated, failed, “no one entered Melilla”, the authorities said. These migrants came “for the most part” from sub-Saharan Africa, they added.

On August 17, more than 50 migrants from sub-Saharan Africa managed to enter the city. On July 14, a hundred migrants tried to access it.

Attempts to cross fences several meters high are quite frequent and sometimes result in death. They have surveillance cameras and watchtowers. Work has been undertaken to replace the fences with a smoother facade, leaving very few holds for climbing.

The migrants were transferred to a residence center, where they remained in quarantine due to the health situation. Melilla and Ceuta, the European Union’s only land borders with Africa, have been subject for years to strong migratory pressure.

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