Sitting at home, Muslims can see the Kaaba ‘Hajre Aswad Chhunye’

Muslims from all over the world can see the black stone ‘Hajre Aswad Chunye’ placed in the Holy Kaaba sitting at home. According to a report by Al Arabiya and Gulf News, the Saudi government has taken this new initiative to give Muslims the opportunity to ‘touch Hajr Aswad’ through virtual reality (VR) technology.

The virtual project was inaugurated by Sheikh Dr. Abdul Rahman bin Abdul Aziz Al-Sudais, General President of the two Holy Mosques in Mecca-Medina.

Called the ‘Virtual Black Stone Initiative’, the project aims to make real sense through virtual reality (VR) and digital experiences.

Earlier, in May this year, Saudi authorities released a photo taken by Hazare Aswad. The board of directors of the two holy mosques in Mecca and Medina captured the picture of Hazrat Aswad using paranormal focus.

Muslims believe that Gabriel (peace be upon him) brought the famous Hazrat Aswad or black stone from heaven and gave it to Hazrat Ibrahim (peace be upon him). That is why Hazrat Aswad is called Jannati Pathar.

Hazre Aswad is located one and a half meters (four feet) above Mataf in the south-east corner of the Holy Kaaba.

The United Arab Emirates is reluctant to buy অস্ত্র 23 billion worth of weapons and military equipment from the United States. The emirate says it is canceling talks with the United States over arms purchases.

The emirate’s embassy in Washington said in a statement on Tuesday.

The Pentagon is scheduled to hold talks with the UAE later this week on the sale of armed drones and other equipment, including F-35 aircraft, according to the Associated Press, a US-based media outlet. But the emirate is re-evaluating its arms procurement decision by analyzing sovereign effective obligations and cost benefits, including technical issues.

The administration of former US President Biden was the first to announce a চুক্ত 23 billion arms deal with the UAE. It was part of the Abraham Accords of Israel (Abraham Accords), mediated by the United States with several countries. Following the agreement, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan agreed to normalize relations with Zionist Israel. And the Trump administration agreed to sell their state-of-the-art weapons to the UAE.

Qatar-based Al Jazeera reports that the United Arab Emirates has expressed reluctance to buy arms from the United States following an agreement to buy 60 Rafale fighter jets from Russia. Recently, the President of France Macro visited the United Arab Emirates. At the time, the UAE had agreed to buy অস্ত্র 15.6 billion worth of arms from France

A worker was unloading cargo on a cargo plane. Unbeknownst to him, the exhausted worker fell asleep while picking up luggage at the ‘cargo hold’.

In that case the plane took him abroad! The unforeseen incident took place last Sunday in Mumbai, India. Khabar Anandabazar newspaper.

The Indigo airline employee is currently in Abu Dhabi. He is being brought back to the country. The matter is being investigated by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS).

Arriving in Abu Dhabi, the eyes of the local workers were raised as soon as they opened the cargo hold. The Ministry of External Affairs has also been informed about the arrival of an Indian in Abu Dhabi without a valid passport or visa.

Airport sources said that he would be brought to India only after preparing the necessary documents for him from there.