Sid Wilson Net Worth: Is He Expecting to Be a First-Time Father?

Sid Wilson Net Worth in 2022

 Early Life

Sid was born on January 20, 1977, in the Iowa city of Des Moines. Parents are from England. Wilson is a member of the American band slipknot and DJ Starscream. He is a transformer fan of tattoos. In untimely years he was known for stage diving, and in 2008 he smashed both of his heels when he bounced ten feet off the stage. He created a name himself in japan as a jungle artist.

Career: Sid Wilson

A fan of the Transformers franchise, sid also sports tattoos from the same. His music has been described as horror-like noises, heavy sound effects, and scratching, a genre of music called heavy metal.

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Wilson is also conventional for his stage dives but accepted an injury in one of the events and broke his heels by leaping from a height of10 feet. He has released many albums abunai sounds -takau on your atarna 2003, full metal scratch it 2003, the new leader 2006, and live at concrete jungle new york city 2005. Wilson has Collaborated with Japanese artists (Hiroshi Kyono).

He began touring with his band named (SID) in 2010 and Sid was the lead vocalist of the band. Then he released a debut album in 2011 and was the reinforce act for the band vamps at new York and Los Angeles shows. He prefers to wear gas masks customized to represent skulls during his performances. He had disported the same during concealed verses world tour, grown long hair, and wore masks representing the skulls.

Sid Wilson Personal life

Wilson is dating Kelly Osbourne. Both of them are married now. Kelly has shared the photos on Instagram. It wasn’t accessible to speckle when they began dating. Kelly stated that she is expecting her first child in an Instagram post on May 12. She said, “I have been extremely silent these past few months, so I thought I’d share why.” She explained “I am thrilled” to share the news that I will be a Mumma.

Net Worth: Sid Wilson

Sid Wilson

He has a substantial amount of money due to his professional pursuits. His net worth is $10 million as of 2022, and his annual income is $1 million. Most of the revenue comes from band artists and the music industry. He is a slipknot band member, an American heavy metal band formed by drummer Joey Jordison and Shawn Crahan as a percussionist and bassist paul gray. Slipknot sold over 33 million CDs.


Slipknot band artist and actress Kelly are in a relationship together. The duo has known each other for 20 Years before, they began dating. They endured friends for a long time until they began dating. Kelly dedicated a lovely Instagram post to Wilson, stating that he is her soulmate and best friend and is deeply in love with the artist.

He is currently signed to the Japanese record label N20 Records. Sid made a significant following for himself, especially in Japan, Aka Dj Starscream, and is signed to N20 records, a Japanese record label.

The mad capsules markets for the song Hakai(destroy) and was released for the songs for Death notes the movie- the last name tribute dedicated to the second film of the death note. Sid was the youngest member of the Grammy award-winning metal band.

He is also a keyboard artist and a rapper who contributed to the band, including sound effects and creative background noises. In his album, All hope is gone, he sported robot-like masks dedicated to the transformer’s franchise. The mask was designed by an artist- a Ukrainian artist named bob baset. Mask generated a lot of attention. Sid considered his signature style performance by his masks.

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