The schedule for K-pop powerhouse SEVENTEEN’s 7th annual fan meets, 2023 SVT 7TH FAN MEETING, was released on January 20, 2022.

The offline event “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” will be placed over three days, from March 10 to 12, 2023, at the KSPO DOME in Seoul. The act will also interact with fans worldwide during all three performances through a live feed of the event.

Since hosting its inaugural fan meet in 2017, the 13-piece ensemble has welcomed fans with interactive shows packed with performances, games, and conversation segments each year. As the event that honors the tight relationship between the 13 members and their fans, “SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND” has come to symbolize the SEVENTEEN fan experience.

SEVENTEEN declared the fanmeet as "SEVENTEEN in CARAT LAND"
Source: Twitter

Some More Details About K-pop Boy Band SEVENTEEN

Pledis Entertainment founded SEVENTEEN, a popular South Korean band. S.Coups, Mingyu, Jeonghan, Joshua, The8, Hoshi, Wonwoo, Jun, Woozi, DK, Vernon, Seungkwan, and Dino are the group’s thirteen members.

The group made their debut on May 26, 2015, with the extended play (EP) 17 Carat, which went on to become the  K-pop album of the year ( longest-charting) in the US, the only debut album to make Billboard’s list of the ” 2015’s Ten Best K-Pop Albums,” and the group’s first single.

K-pop band SEVENTEEN
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In addition to twelve EPs and three reissues, SEVENTEEN has released four studio albums.

With the members actively engaging in composition, choreography, and many other facets of their music and performances, Seventeen is regarded as a “self-producing” idol group.

Each of the three divisions— vocal, hip-hop, and performance—performs as a single entity, while each has a distinct area of expertise.

Numerous domestic and foreign media sites have referred to them as “Theater Kids of K-Pop,” “Performance Kings,”  and “K-Pop Performance Powerhouse.”

SEVENTEEN band members
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Due to their mind-blowing choreography,  expert synchronization, and close coordination, the band has subtly grown to become one of the most prominent ensembles ever.

They made their American television debut on The Late Late Show with James Corden in 2021. After that, the performing powerhouse delivered electrifying appearances on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Kelly Clarkson Show,  and Jimmy Kimmel Live!

With the release of Face the Sun, their fourth studio album, SEVENTEEN became the second act in K-pop history (after BTS) to sell more than 2 million albums in its first week.

SEVENTEEN is the first K-pop group to take home Best Push and Best New at the MTV European Music Awards in 2022.

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