Sehun claims that his girlfriend's pregnancy is "totally groundless"

Sehun claims that his girlfriend’s pregnancy is “totally groundless”

The legal team for EXO Sehun denied the premarital pregnancy rumours about his girlfriend and threatened legal action.

In his legal response, Sehun calls the claims that his girlfriend was pregnant before marriage “totally baseless false facts.”

A media site said on March 27 that the idol was the subject of speculations that his purported girlfriend was expecting and that he had been seen at an OB-GYN clinic.

The media outlet claims that Sehun’s putative girlfriend shared an image that is the source of the rumours. In the picture, a man is seated and has his face covered. Some online users claimed that Sehun is the person in the picture, citing the guy’s broad shoulders as evidence.

Sehun's girlfriends' rumored profile picture
Source: Twitter

The bold claim that EXO member Sehun’s purported girlfriend is currently pregnant swiftly gained notice when it was made by a netizen on March 27 and posted on an online community forum with the title “Sehun’s girlfriend is pregnant before marriage.” along with several images to back up this assertion.

Also, many noted that the claimed girlfriend’s Kakao Talk profile had got changed to depict a person with a heart on its round stomach. According to internet users, that was a sign that the idol’s reported partner was expecting a child.

The claims gained momentum after a netizen recently posted an article in a mommy cafe claiming to have seen a male idol on the OB-GYN.

EXO member Sehun
Source: Twitter

SM Entertainment addresses Sehun-related rumours as “completely baseless rumours” and “obvious criminal acts” of disseminating false information. SM will pursue aggressive legal action.

The post has since been taken down, but SM said they are still keeping an eye on the situation and would pursue concrete legal action against the original poster and anyone who propagated the rumours.

According to SM Entertainment, EXO’s Sehun is now working on his solo debut album, which gets expected to be released this year.

Sehun was the fifth EXO member formally revealed to the public on January 10, 2012. In April 2012, the group released an extended play titled Mama.

In addition to his group’s efforts, Oh has appeared in 2018’s Dokgo Rewind and played supporting roles in several television dramas and movies, including  2018’s Secret Queen Makers and Now and 2021’s We Are Splitting Up.

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