RHOP is back with a brand-new episode on Dec 18: see all details.

RHOP is back with a brand-new episode on Dec 18: see all details.

RHOP (Real House Wife of Potomac) is back with a new episode of season 7 that premiered on December 18, Sunday, at 8 PM ET on Bravo. The one-hour episode will follow the cast members as they deal with their daily lives and address significant issues, such as juggling personal relationships, work demands, and marital difficulties. A glimpse of tonight’s main facts is given below.

1. Robyn wanted to add a cheating clause to her prenuptial agreement with Juan on RHOP.

A prenuptial agreement with an infidelity clause was discussed by Robyn and Juan on tonight’s show because she was concerned about a potential cheating scandal. But Juan said he wasn’t going to lie, and he was hoping she wouldn’t either. Their supporters believed that they would not wed.

In the same episode, Wendy underwent surgery in the emergency department for a kidney stone that had grown to a 9-centimeter size. Gizelle and Robyn chose to talk about Robyn’s upcoming wedding as they got ready for a live concert based on their podcast, Reasonably Shady.

While Robyn stated that no one was invited and that it would be a private ceremony, Gizelle noted that she was “in her feelings” about Robyn not inviting her to the wedding. However, Robyn omitted to provide a date since she thought she needed to “iron some things out” with her fiancé Juan Dixon over their prenuptial agreement.

Robyn had previously discussed adding the clause with her attorney because she was concerned that “anything might happen in a relationship.” Juan was surprised by the suggestion and thought the RHOP star shouldn’t be concerned because there was nothing to be concerned about. But she was a little anxious since she was worried about the possibilities, even if it was safe to have a clause.

Juan explained that they had been friends since he was 16 or 17. He said that the pair were not “those people” and that he wasn’t in it for the money when Robyn said she had heard horror stories.

2. Candiace called Ashley’s friend a Sesame street character.

Giselle again started hating Candiace. Meanwhile, Candiace bullied Ashley’s ugly-looking friend by calling her a Sesame Street Character.

3. Ashley Darby of RHOP provides an update on the Luke romance and discusses the Candiace feud and her “defining moment” with Robyn and Gizelle.

When it comes to her friendship with Robyn Dixon and Gizelle Bryant, Ashley Darby discusses a “defining moment.” She also spoke about the current drama on the Real Housewives of Potomac and her relationship with Luke Gulbranson. The cast is currently split over misconduct claims, adultery rumors, and the seeming termination of friendships.

Following her interest in Luke Gulbranson on Watch What Happens Live, Ashley, divorcing her husband Michael Darby, started investigating a relationship with another Bravolebrity.

Ashley mentioned that she’s seen Luke “four times” since they met at BravoCon and that she’s getting ready to visit him in New York.

Luke & Ashley, Source: People.com

In an interview with Today, the celebrity revealed that they have been talking for about two months now, so they were taking it easy and gradually knowing each other and talking on the cell phone more than anything else.

She also hinted at the additional controversy surrounding Karen Huger’s alleged liaison.

That will undoubtedly explore further, said Ashley. “Some people may have proof, and the debate receives more attention when more is revealed. Naturally, the grand dame responds appropriately.

The actress talked about her friendship with Gizelle and Robyn’s “defining moment.”

Robyn & Gizelle, Source: Twitter

Ashley said, “I’m not sure if any of the other females were there for me like that,” before making fun of the other cast members.

Ashley admitted she’s “not holding [her] breath” for Robyn and Karen to get along again (they’re now at odds).

4. Gizelle revealed her intimacy with Jacqueline

Viewers of the “Real Housewives of Potomac” were treated to spicy revelations about housewife Mia Thornton and her purported BFF Jacqueline Blake, as well as a dramatic argument over the pair’s “intimate activities.”

Gizelle Bryant, a little bird, claims that Mia once provided Jacqueline a “taste” of her relationship with an unnamed former ex-boyfriend. Given everything the housewife has already disclosed, some fans would not be surprised by that, but it appears there’s more to the story. Gizelle further revealed to the distinguished Karen Huger that Mia and Jacqueline were allegedly seen taking a shower together. Gizelle wondered why the two were so careless as to be easily observed, and Karen pondered the same.

Later, Gizelle and Karen even questioned whether Mia had permitted Jacqueline to sleep with Gordon Thornton, her present husband. The women ultimately agreed that confronting the two people in question would be the best course of action when the anticipation of it all became too much for them to stomach.

To learn the truth about Mia and Jacqueline’s relationship, Gizelle and Karen put on their detective hats after the conclusion of her live performance of “Reasonably Shady” with Robyn Dixon. But as soon as Mia was subjected to the pair’s barrage of quick questions, things quickly took a “shady” turn. The marketing executive criticized the grande dame for being “very inquisitive” despite revealing very little about the Mia-Jacqueline-Gordon scandal.

And even though Mia did call Gizelle out for being “messy,” the fact that she was outraged over Karen shocked “RHOP” viewers.

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